Beijing 2012

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Students arrived in Beijing on 18 May filled with anticipation and wonder. They had eight days to explore and create. On June 22nd students will open an exhibition of work based on their experience in Beijing at the MPLS Photo Center.

students walk the Great Square
walking the great square.jpg

Curator Wang Chunchen explaining the mural

Curator Wang Chunchen explaning the mural.jpg

Hall of the People

hall of the people.jpg

Here we are in Beijing

here we are in Beijing.jpg

Professor Tom Rose mapping the day

maping the day.jpg

Our exhibition

Our exhibition.jpg

Professor Tang Dongping at the opening

professor Tang Dongping at openining .jpg

Professor Tang Dongping discussing work

professor Tang discussing work.jpg


Elisa Barry
Kate Casanova
Stefanie Motta
Tony Proechel
Jessica Hirsh
Marie Schrobilgen
Yousif Del Valle
Emily Walz

Photo Credit: Matt Mintz

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