Assignment 7


And now for the finale, which product will be the last one standing??

I started off the assignment making my pugh graph and came up with this. As with most graph's I've made in this class I am not quite sure if I did this right, but I tried my best. Pardon my crooked lines.


After much debate I have decided that my final product shall be candle wood! Now originally candle wood was supposed to be firewood that was laced with candle wax that burned and smelled like a candle. Then I realized that my final 5 products that I chose were supposed to be related to my theme of Hanukkah. I thought that they could've been any products that we came up with during the semester.

Anyway with some very slight tweaking and a new name we know have....

Scents of Holiday Cheer! Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 10.44.03 PM.png

And now my video that gives a brief explanation of this new product. I didn't make my visual aide yet but I did make a mock up of what it will most likely look like and used it in the video down below

Movie on 2013-12-08 at

Assignment 6



For this week's assignment I started out with taking a look at the 10 promising products I picked out last week from these past 6 weeks. I ended up choosing 5 products from my winter theme of Hanukkah and 5 products that I came up with during the semester that dealt with the theme of winter. These products included...

  • Candle-wood: Wood that burns and smells like a candle.

  • Heat Boots: Boots that melt the snow beneath your feet

  • Glow sled: Entire sled glows up with the use of LED lights and a front flood light to guide you

  • Massage coat: Coat with built in back massager

  • Movie shades: Glasses with built in screens to watch movies wherever you are

  • Pin the candle on the menorah: Fun game for kids like pin the tail on the donkey

  • Music playing dreidel: Dreidel that plays music as it spins during game play

  • Holidays board game: Answer trivia questions about Jewish holidays correctly to progress

  • Jewish holidays App: Educates non-Jewish people about all Jewish holidays

  • Talking Tora: Kids toy that reads the writings of the Tora for kids who can't read.

After I gathered the results from the survey the top picks were......

1. Candle-wood Most people would pay $10-20, one went as high as $60

2. Heat Boots Desired price range $30-50 and $90-100
Heat Bootd.png

3. Massage Coat General price range was $40-80 with an outlier of $150.
Massage Coat.png

4. Pin the Candle on the Menorah Desired price of $10-15

5. Glow sled Desired price range of $20-40
Glow Sled.png



I came up with a few 2x2's for this part of the assignment.
Here is the one for the heat boots
Heat boots.png

The massager

And the Glow Sled
Glow Sled Final.png

As you can see towards the end I was having a little more difficulty filling out these 2x2's. For Pin the Candle on the Menorah and the Candle-wood I didn't make grids because I couldn't think of what I could put in them, but here are some products that I found that are along the same lines

Pin the Candle on the Menorah
There are many "pin the ___ on the ___" games out there so here are a few that I found

Thumbnail image for 12_4856.jpeg

For this product I found a candle burning inside of wood

and these wood sticks infused with scents like a candle


For the patents I found the patent for the candle for the candle-wood product

For the heat boots I found a boot that heated from the inside to keep your feet warm but nothing for melting the ice

For the massage coat I found something kind of like my idea. I found an "air-pressure type body acupuncture point massaging coat"

For Pin the Candle on the Menorah I have the patent for the menorah

And last for the Glow Sled I have the patent for the snow sled, the base of the product




Concern: Mixing wood and candle wax together. Is it possible? Perhaps just lacing the wood with scented wax could work.

Estimated cost: $316 for a truck load's worth of candle-wood
$50 for 5 lbs of bees wax
$41 for 2064 yards of wick
$175 for a truck load of firewood
$50 for 20oz of scented oil

Heat Boots
Concern: Finding a way to melt the ice without burning the wearers feet and the type of material we could use for the soles of the boots.

Estimated cost: $843
$30 for 6 sq ft. of leather
$13 for 1 yard of faux fur
I found a heated snow mat that could be cut and used for the soles that ran for about $800.

Massage coat

Concern: Cost of manufacturing the massage unit in the coat

Estimated cost: $360
$180 for pattern pieces
$5 for the zipper
$100 for the mobile massage system that I found
$75 for 3 yards of black solid wool

Pin the Candle on the Menorah

Concern: I don't have many concerns about this product, I think it is very do-able.

Estimated cost: $50-60 for the plastic

Glow Sled

Concern: Making sure the sled doesn't become too hot to sit on and making sure it isn't too bright so that it blinds the rider or people around them.

Estimated cost: $350
$28 for 2 pieces of pine board
$70 for LED flood light
$260 for 20 60W LED lights

Assignment 5


Last week in class we learned about SCAMPER, another way to help us with idea generation. For those who don't know what SCAMPER stands for it is an acronym for...

substitute combine adapt magnify modify put to other use eliminate reverse rearrange

The object I chose to apply SCAMPER to was a dreidel for my winter theme of Hanukkah.

Applying SCAMPER


Can I use other ingredients or materials?
-Metal, plastic, wood

Can I change its color, roughness, sound or smell?
-You could add a sound to it so that when it spins it plays the dreidel song and as it slows down the song slows down too.
Thumbnail image for Music playing dreidel.png

Can I use a different energy source?
-Instead of using your hand to spin it instead it could be battery powered


Can I combine or merge it with other objects?
-You could combine it with a mixer. Relevant to the holiday season and can be used for family dinners during Hanukkah.
Dreidel mixer.png

What else is like it?
-It's like a top, or like a merry go round in a park. You have to grab on to it and spin it yourself.

What could I copy, borrow or steal?
-The spinning effect

What ideas could I incorporate?
-Super speed
Super Speed Dreidel.png

What can you add?

Can it be done faster?
-If it there was a battery added it could speed up its' spin.

What can be magnified or made larger?
-One of the ideas someone came up with during blue sky ideation was a child sized dreidel so we could make the whole thing bigger.
Child Size dreidel.png

Put to other use
What else can it be used for?
-If you spun it in a bowl perhaps it could be used to mix something

Can it be used by people other than those it was originally intended for?
-Yes, it is a game that anyone can play.

If I knew nothing about it, would I figure out the purpose of this idea?
-If you don't know Hebrew it would be hard to understand what the letters on the side of the dreidel meant, however if you've seen a top before you could figure out that it needs to be spun. Figuring out how to play the game would be difficult though.

Can I use this idea in other markets or industries?
-Instead of hebrew letters you could put letters of the English alphabet for non-Jewish children
Alphabet Dreidel.png

Can the rules be eliminated?
-Don't have to play the game by it's intended rules. Could make up your own variation of the game.

What if I made it smaller?/ Can I compact or make it smaller?
-Could be made smaller to be even more portable.
Teeny Tiny dreidel.png

What if it had less of something?
-Less sides to it. Instead of 4 sides there could be 3


Are there other patterns, layouts or sequences I can use?
-Instead of spinning it, it could be rolled like a dice

Should I turn it around? Up instead of down? Down instead of up?
It could be turned upside down and then use the handle so it can spin and then use the spinner as the handle (see picture if this is confusing
Upside down dreidel.png

What if I try doing the exact opposite of what I originally intended?
-Instead of having it spin like it should, it could just sit there for decoration

Part 2
For part two I decided to use the morphological analysis and came up with this graph. Not quite sure if I did it right, but here is my attempt.

And here are the products I created. I kind of struggled with this part so the products aren't exactly the greatest.

For the first one I combined the carousel, gameboy, and music. Basically the carousel has controls like a gameboy and then it plays the music from the game.

The next one I created I combined the wheel, board game, and T.V to make a television that you could play board games on with people in different rooms since the T.V can wheel around the house.

Part 3
For part 3 I went back to look at the list of highly rated products from the last assignment. A lot of the ideas are definitely do-able like the Hanukkah trivia game, Talking Tora, Pin the Candle on the Menorah, and the Jewish Holidays app. Some of the ideas that seem a little out of reach included the time traveling machine to visit the first celebration of each Jewish holiday, and the holiday robots. I think for the time machine instead of actually traveling through time you could go in some sort of machine that makes you feel like you're traveling in time with a bunch of cool graphics and sound effects and then it would have screens that display the celebrations so it makes you feel like you're actually there.

As for the robot, instead of it being a real robot it could be like any other kids electronic device powered by batteries. The kids could press buttons on it to make it talk about Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays.

Part Four
Here are some of my favorite ideas from this semester that I feel could be made into real products
Candlewood.pngHeat Bootd.png
Movie Shades.pngTora.pngMassage Coat.pngBoard Game.pngApp.pngMusic playing dreidel.pngGlow Sled.pngPinthecandle.png

Assignment 4


For assignment four I managed to get my two roommates Mary and Josh, my friend Sean from high school, and my boyfriend Chris together to engage in this brainstorming activity.


Getting those creative juices flowing
To start out I had them play a few of the improvisation games we played in class. First they played Tigers and Bears, then we moved on to "look at me!", and then we played "yes and.." It was difficult for me to think of a new improv game/tool because there are so many of them causing me to keep reverting back to games and techniques that already exist. In the end I had my group play a new variation of the game charades. Normally you aren't able to use any props in charades but for my game whoever was up to play would receive a random object from me and they would have to base their charade on the object they were given.

Here my roommate Mary is playing my charade game portraying a flower girl
Thumbnail image for IMG_20131117_210758_759.jpg

Next came the brainstorming. I think my participants struggled a little bit with this activity. Like myself they are not Jewish so they came into the activity with not too much knowledge about the culture. The "how might we" statements they had to work with were...

  • How might we educate kids in a fun way about Hanukkah?
  • How might we inform non-Jewish people about all holidays in Jewish culture?

Here is my other roommate Josh and my boyfriend Chris coming up with ideas
Thumbnail image for Photo on 2013-11-13 at 21.34.jpg

I wasn't able to get a clear enough picture of all of the ideas but here are a few of the ideas being categorized
Thumbnail image for IMG_20131117_220707_163.jpg

The categories for the first how might we statement came out to be electronics, fashion, shows, games, and miscellaneous. For the second statement they came up with celebrity help, games, television, things to read, community events, and miscellaneous. It was difficult sorting through the ideas because some of the stuff people came up with were more so concepts like going door to door informing people rather than actual products which was miscommunication about the activity on my behalf. Some people were missing the idea of the activity. Also some ideas are not displayed in the picture because I didn't realize that some people had written ideas on both sides of the sheets of paper I gave them.

Then I asked the participants to mark their favorite ideas for the how might we statement on how to educate non-Jewish people about Jewish holidays. The top creative ideas were an app with Hanukkah facts by Sean, a Jewish holidays trivia board game by Mary, another robot talking about Jewish holidays from Josh, a time traveling machine where you could travel to the first celebrations of Jewish holidays by Chris, and CD's sung by celebrities about Jewish holidays by Sean. EDIT: The ideas per minute were actually 0.6 (did my initial calculations wrong)

Board Game.png
Holidays Robot.png
Time Travel.png

Then I asked them to mark their favorite for the most creative ideas for a fun way to teach kids about Hanukkah which were the talking tora by Josh, human sized dreidel, pin the candle on the menorah, and Hanukkah shoes by Mary, and the Hanukkah robot by Chris. EDIT: The ideas per minute here were 0.57 not 1.75

Human Sized Dreidel.png
Hannukah Robot.png

Assignment 3


For assignment 3 I was given the winter sub-theme of Hanukkah.


At first I was at a loss like many others in the class as to who I would interview and observe. I figured my best bet was to of course interview people who celebrate the holiday because they would have the most knowledge about it. I took to the University of Minnesota student groups pages and found the Hillel Jewish Center and started sending out emails to people involved with the center. I waited a few days and didn't hear back from anyone so with time running out I needed to find other options.

My roommate remembered a past classmate of hers was Jewish and is involved with some student groups here on campus so she directed me to a guy named Brandon for my first interview.

For the next interview I took to the popular blogging site tumblr and created a post looking for someone that would be interested in the interview and found a woman named Lauren to take part. I know the interviews were supposed to be in-person but I figured that finding someone on tumblr would be a great way to find someone that I have absolutely no connection with.

Last was the expert interview. Originally I had played on interviewing a man named Zac who is the head of the Hillel Center, but as previously mentioned he never responded back to my email. Instead I got in contact with a Jewish girl named Mandy who spent a semester in Israel studying abroad.

The interview process was a great experience for me. Given that I am not Jewish and do not celebrate Hanukkah I know little to nothing about the holiday so I figured it would be best to learn the history of it. In the words of interviewee Lauren....

"It's a long story, but the short version is that the Greeks took over lands where the Jewish people were living in Alexander the Great's time. During this time, he let all the people under his rule worship and live the way they were accustomed  Some Jewish people assimilated to the Greek culture and some did not. But then a while later, Antiochus began to oppress the Jews, desecrating the temple by slaughtering pigs (non-kosher animal) on the alter, murdering them, and prohibiting religious practice. Eventually, two groups rose together to fight back against Antiochus. The Jews won and in celebration returned to the temple. However, the oil left to fill the menorah had mostly been desecrated by the Greeks and there was only enough left to burn for one night. But God kept the oil burning for eight days and eight nights while they made more oil for the menorah. The holiday celebrates the miracle of the oil, not the victory over the Greeks."

Then I followed up with these questions....

What does the word Hanukkah stand for?

  • Brandon said that "translating the word into English it means dedication which refers to the dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem"

What is your favorite part about the holiday?

  • Brandon and Lauren agree that their favorite part is being with family and other Jews.

  • Mandy's favorite part is the food!

What traditions do you engage in each year?

  • Mandy: "Every year my mom and I eat latke's with apple sauce, sour cream, and fried bologna.

  • Brandon: "Lighting the candles on the menora

  • Lauren: "Playing dreidal with my family"

Then I dug a little deeper with questions like...

  • The general public is not as educated in the holiday of Hanukkah as they are of other holidays such as Christmas, what could be done to change that?>

    • What is most important to you about the holiday of Hanukkah?

    The answers to these questions really helped open my eyes to the holiday. The answers came to a general consensus that Hanukkah is not the most popular holiday in Jewish culture as I and I'm sure many others have assumed. Jewish people put other holidays such as Yom Kippur and Passover ahead of Hanukkah. It's actually Americans who make a huge deal out of it because it is seen as the Jewish equivalent of Christmas. In Jewish culture people place more importance on The High Holy days, Yom Kippur, Passover, and Rosh Hashanah.These are the holidays they want to raise awareness about because in reality Hanukkah is seen as not that big of a deal. The interviewees all believe that to raise more awareness of Hanukkah it's got to be more important to the Jewish people first. There is also a need to educate people more about the different Jewish holidays.

    As to why it is not heavily recognized this has to deal with it not really being one of the bigger holidays in Jewish culture and the fact that their culture represents such a small percentage compared to how many Christians there are that celebrate Christmas.

    Problem Statements:

    • Lauren needs a way to educate non-Jewish people about holidays in Jewish culture because "everyone thinks Hanukkah is our most important holiday when in reality, it's not a huge deal."

    • Mandy needs a fun way to teach kids at a young age about Hanukkah

    • Brandon needs a way to get more Jewish people to celebrate and get more involved with the holiday


    I wasn't sure what I could observe seeing as Hanukkah isn't for a few more weeks so instead I created a survey on and asked people to rank the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Easter based on how much knowledge people have about it.

    These were the results. According to this survey, to little surprise 80% of surveyors placed Hanukkah in fourth place for holidays they are least knowledgable about. The top row of numbers are the ranking placements and the rows underneath say the position that each surveyor ranked the holidays in.


    Lastly for the experience portion I thought of different traditional Hanukkah activities I could engage in. I asked my roommate to play me in a game of dreidel, a traditional game played during Hanukkah. I don't own an actual dreidel so I made one out of a tissue box and we played rolling the tissue box and collecting pennies. Neither of us have ever played this game before but it was definitely a lot of fun and made us very competitive.

Assignment 2


To start off the project for this week I chose to watch an episode of my all time favorite cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. I own only season 3 (because it's the best season) and popped in one of my favorite episodes, Krabby Land. Some of my favorite episodes I have been watching for around 10 years and they still never fail to make me laugh. The show is just filled with so much humor and imaginaaaation (joke from the show.)

Basically in this episode it is summer time in Bikini Bottom and Mr. Krabs is trying to cash in on all the kids being out of school so he builds a poorly constructed amusement park to get all of the kid's money.

After enjoying that wonderful episode of Spongebob it then came time to build my mind map around the theme of winter.

I started out with this map in my design notebook
Brain Map 1.png

And then later I developed it into this

I decided that my top 3 sub-themes for winter were going to be Hanukkah, Christmas presents, and hot chocolate.

Then came time to make some cross products. I took a look at all the ideas I came up with on my mind map and tried to figure out what sort of things I could create with those ideas and these are what I came up with.

  • Gingerbread Igloo

  • Skateboots

  • Candlewood

  • Cake Wreath

  • Glow Sled

  • Dr. Sick

  • Reindeermobile

  • Snow Blaster

  • Earmuff Ipod

  • Choco-cicles.

My favorites were definitely the candlewood and the reindeermobile.

Gingerbread igloo.png



Cake Wreath.png

Glow Sled.png

Dr. Sick.png


Snow blaster.png

Earmuff Ipod.png

Choco Cicles.png

Assignment 1


The Taco Cookie

When first given this assignment I didn't have the slightest idea of what kind of cookie I could create that would be interesting and creative. With so many types cookies that already exist it was difficult to think of something that has not already been done. My mind kept gravitating towards a cookie that tasted like a main course meal like pizza or pasta and eventually my mind wandered to tacos (one of my favorite foods) and once I fiddled with the thought of making a taco cookie it was hard to shake. My favorite food and something as delicious as cookies all in one sounded like a great idea to me. I went to google first to see if it existed in the way that I envisioned it and turns out it didn't. This was great because it proved that it was a new variation on the classic cookie and also a chance for me to really experiment with my own recipe instead of basing it off another. Now it was time to figure out how to construct this taco cookie.

The first question I asked myself was what ingredients could I use to make it taste like a taco. I wanted some sort of tortilla taste for the base of the cookie, but the rest was more of an issue of what would hold and still taste good by the time it made it to class. I also planned to add ground beef, cheese, and lettuce for the toppings to accommodate a typical taco recipe. For my first trial run I made the base of the cookie following an easy sugar cookie recipe that I found on This recipe (alternated to make 12 servings) consisted of

2/3 cup flour
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/8 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup white sugar
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

I didn't want the cookie to be sweet so I eliminated the sugar, I didn't have vanilla extract so I didn't use that, and I only bought baking soda because I didn't want to invest in baking powder as well. The cookie was very bland as expected but kind of the point because tacos aren't supposed to be sweet. I added the beef, cheese, and lettuce on top but the final taste was nothing spectacular.

For the next test I got a box of corn mix to use as the base of the cookie instead. The reason I did this was because I wouldn't have to worry about the missing baking powder and vanilla extract. Also there would be a little more taste to the cookie because I was using a corn mix. I wanted to try and imitate a corn tortilla. The corn mix box only called for the mix and water but I wanted to make it more of a cookie batter so I added 1 egg and just a tad of butter. Then I decided I wanted some sort of frosting like an average cookie so I decided I would include refried beans as a sort of frosting for the cookie. I also decided to eliminate the use of ground beef because I was worried that the meat would not hold until class. I kept the cheese and lettuce to put on top. The new recipe consisted of

For base
One box of corn muffin mix
1/2 cup water
1 egg

1 can refried beans
2 cups lettuce
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

View image

1.Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2.Mix corn muffin mix, water, butter, and egg in a bowl
3.Grease small brownie pan and pour thin layer of batter
4.Cook for 10-15 minutes
5.Take out cookies and let them cool
6.While cookies are cooling, cook refried beans in pot on the stove for 15 minutes
7.When cookies are cool "ice" cookies with refried beans, place shredded lettuce on top, followed by cheese.

After I mixed together the corn muffin mix I had a horrible realization. I forgot that after you mix all the ingredients together the batter would be more soup like instead of doughy which led to some change in the baking process. Instead of scooping the dough into spoonfuls on a cookie sheet I had to pour the batter into a small brownie pan and make more of a cookie bar type of recipe.
One ingredient that I forget to buy at the store was taco seasoning. I feel like it would've been a good addition to the cookie to make it taste more like a taco. I'm not sure if making a cookie that tastes like a main course is the right way to go. It's interesting and different in my opinion but it takes away the delight of a sweet cookie to enjoy. Perhaps with more development like a base that tastes more like a tortilla and the addition of spicy flavorings might further enhance the taste of a taco. Next time I would not use corn mix because of the consistency and the inevitable corn bread taste but instead make a corn meal base that could taste more like a tortilla. In conclusion I believe this creation is somewhat novel. It was based off a type of food that already exists but put in a form that is not normally consumed as. It's definitely feasible, all the ingredients are easily found and for a reasonable price, and it's valuable because it can be used to stop hunger.


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