Assignment 2


To start off the project for this week I chose to watch an episode of my all time favorite cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. I own only season 3 (because it's the best season) and popped in one of my favorite episodes, Krabby Land. Some of my favorite episodes I have been watching for around 10 years and they still never fail to make me laugh. The show is just filled with so much humor and imaginaaaation (joke from the show.)

Basically in this episode it is summer time in Bikini Bottom and Mr. Krabs is trying to cash in on all the kids being out of school so he builds a poorly constructed amusement park to get all of the kid's money.

After enjoying that wonderful episode of Spongebob it then came time to build my mind map around the theme of winter.

I started out with this map in my design notebook
Brain Map 1.png

And then later I developed it into this

I decided that my top 3 sub-themes for winter were going to be Hanukkah, Christmas presents, and hot chocolate.

Then came time to make some cross products. I took a look at all the ideas I came up with on my mind map and tried to figure out what sort of things I could create with those ideas and these are what I came up with.

  • Gingerbread Igloo

  • Skateboots

  • Candlewood

  • Cake Wreath

  • Glow Sled

  • Dr. Sick

  • Reindeermobile

  • Snow Blaster

  • Earmuff Ipod

  • Choco-cicles.

My favorites were definitely the candlewood and the reindeermobile.

Gingerbread igloo.png



Cake Wreath.png

Glow Sled.png

Dr. Sick.png


Snow blaster.png

Earmuff Ipod.png

Choco Cicles.png


Your idea for an earmuff iPod actually already exists(kind of)! I have headphones that are earmuffs and they are a lifesaver in the winter.
I thought it was interesting that you chose to watch a show that you have seen before in order to stir up your creativity. Do you think you would have been more 'stimulated' had you watched/done something totally new?
I like your ideas, especially candle wood, skate boots, and the gingerbread igloo. All of your ideas have a great balance of creativity and usefulness. The only thing I would suggest is to push yourself even a few steps farther- things that are really out of the norm.

I like your idea of starting out the mind map in your designer book just to keep it updated. I like that you used different color pens for different levels of subthemes, it makes it easier to read the mind map. Spongebob cartoon seems to be a perfect match for this assignment. You have funny silly ideas (I think the gingerbread igloo and Dr. sick are my favorite ones so far), it seems that you really had good time doing this homework.

First off, I like the dark blog theme. I like white text on black backgrounds. Second, you had wonderfully silly ideas, which seems to be something the rest of us struggled with a bit. Yours are all playful and pleasant, and don't have immediate practical value, which I think is a plus at this level. Third, you might want to look at the spaces around images in your blog body. Some are a bit tight (like above Spongebob) and reduce readability a bit. Fourth, be careful about cropping your images. On some of the product ideas you almost cut off text, which makes it harder to read. Include some margins if possible - white space isn't a bad thing! Fifth (and final) I want candlewood and a glow sled. I (like bauer548) have earmuff headphones, so that is covered.

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