Assignment 4


For assignment four I managed to get my two roommates Mary and Josh, my friend Sean from high school, and my boyfriend Chris together to engage in this brainstorming activity.


Getting those creative juices flowing
To start out I had them play a few of the improvisation games we played in class. First they played Tigers and Bears, then we moved on to "look at me!", and then we played "yes and.." It was difficult for me to think of a new improv game/tool because there are so many of them causing me to keep reverting back to games and techniques that already exist. In the end I had my group play a new variation of the game charades. Normally you aren't able to use any props in charades but for my game whoever was up to play would receive a random object from me and they would have to base their charade on the object they were given.

Here my roommate Mary is playing my charade game portraying a flower girl
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Next came the brainstorming. I think my participants struggled a little bit with this activity. Like myself they are not Jewish so they came into the activity with not too much knowledge about the culture. The "how might we" statements they had to work with were...

  • How might we educate kids in a fun way about Hanukkah?
  • How might we inform non-Jewish people about all holidays in Jewish culture?

Here is my other roommate Josh and my boyfriend Chris coming up with ideas
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I wasn't able to get a clear enough picture of all of the ideas but here are a few of the ideas being categorized
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The categories for the first how might we statement came out to be electronics, fashion, shows, games, and miscellaneous. For the second statement they came up with celebrity help, games, television, things to read, community events, and miscellaneous. It was difficult sorting through the ideas because some of the stuff people came up with were more so concepts like going door to door informing people rather than actual products which was miscommunication about the activity on my behalf. Some people were missing the idea of the activity. Also some ideas are not displayed in the picture because I didn't realize that some people had written ideas on both sides of the sheets of paper I gave them.

Then I asked the participants to mark their favorite ideas for the how might we statement on how to educate non-Jewish people about Jewish holidays. The top creative ideas were an app with Hanukkah facts by Sean, a Jewish holidays trivia board game by Mary, another robot talking about Jewish holidays from Josh, a time traveling machine where you could travel to the first celebrations of Jewish holidays by Chris, and CD's sung by celebrities about Jewish holidays by Sean. EDIT: The ideas per minute were actually 0.6 (did my initial calculations wrong)

Board Game.png
Holidays Robot.png
Time Travel.png

Then I asked them to mark their favorite for the most creative ideas for a fun way to teach kids about Hanukkah which were the talking tora by Josh, human sized dreidel, pin the candle on the menorah, and Hanukkah shoes by Mary, and the Hanukkah robot by Chris. EDIT: The ideas per minute here were 0.57 not 1.75

Human Sized Dreidel.png
Hannukah Robot.png


Love you blog! Clear headers and the use of many pictures makes it very visually appealing and an easy read. Especially the first cartoon picture, it really drew me in. They say we're not supposed to use portrait style pictures, but I think it works really well here. Maybe that's just a rule for the ideas, because I use portraits in mine and nobody said anything.

The first comment I noticed was that It mentioned how your participants struggled with the task because they weren't Jewish before you mentioned that your prompt was Jewish involved or what it even was. You mention it literally in the next sentence so that's good. But It just kind of caught me off guard when I read it the first time.

Other than that it seems like a good blog. I think pin the candle on the menorah will be a huge hit at any college party.

Hi Hailee!
Wow, you got a very productive group of people. Your IPM were 1.6 and 1.75?! Wow...I am very impressed by your group. My group’s IMP was only 0.58. Separating the blog into sections is really helpful as a reader to comprehend your blog. The bold titles and the words you selected for your titles is what helped to separate these sections. Another thing I want to mention is your redrew 10 best ideas. They are so cute (and they are in color, even better!). I should have redone my 10 best ideas, and make them look as professional as yours.
On the other hand, I also have several suggestions for you.
1. Even though you mentioned in your blog that you were unable to take clear pictures, I still think you should make your pictures less blurry.
2. From all your pictures, I feel like your people were not doing this activity at the same time, they just did their own brainstorming in their own room. I believe that you did a great brainstorm session, but maybe a group picture of your participants doing the activities would be better.
Overall, I like your blogging style ;)

1. Your blog is really nice and I don't have a whole lot to add to what has already been said in the two comments above because there's not a whole long that's going wrong here.
2. I also had a hard time getting my participants to come up with ideas that were products instead of services. One thing that really helped was getting them to use another person's perspective like we did in class - for example parent, child, wheelchair user, etc. Maybe you could have been thinking about how a parent would teach a child these things, how a child would want to learn, how a grandparent could interact in the learning. Sometimes changing the perspective can really helped.

Other than that, like I said I don't have much to add. Your blog is visually appealing - except for the one photo that is a bit blurry. Great job!

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