Assignment 5


Last week in class we learned about SCAMPER, another way to help us with idea generation. For those who don't know what SCAMPER stands for it is an acronym for...

substitute combine adapt magnify modify put to other use eliminate reverse rearrange

The object I chose to apply SCAMPER to was a dreidel for my winter theme of Hanukkah.

Applying SCAMPER


Can I use other ingredients or materials?
-Metal, plastic, wood

Can I change its color, roughness, sound or smell?
-You could add a sound to it so that when it spins it plays the dreidel song and as it slows down the song slows down too.
Thumbnail image for Music playing dreidel.png

Can I use a different energy source?
-Instead of using your hand to spin it instead it could be battery powered


Can I combine or merge it with other objects?
-You could combine it with a mixer. Relevant to the holiday season and can be used for family dinners during Hanukkah.
Dreidel mixer.png

What else is like it?
-It's like a top, or like a merry go round in a park. You have to grab on to it and spin it yourself.

What could I copy, borrow or steal?
-The spinning effect

What ideas could I incorporate?
-Super speed
Super Speed Dreidel.png

What can you add?

Can it be done faster?
-If it there was a battery added it could speed up its' spin.

What can be magnified or made larger?
-One of the ideas someone came up with during blue sky ideation was a child sized dreidel so we could make the whole thing bigger.
Child Size dreidel.png

Put to other use
What else can it be used for?
-If you spun it in a bowl perhaps it could be used to mix something

Can it be used by people other than those it was originally intended for?
-Yes, it is a game that anyone can play.

If I knew nothing about it, would I figure out the purpose of this idea?
-If you don't know Hebrew it would be hard to understand what the letters on the side of the dreidel meant, however if you've seen a top before you could figure out that it needs to be spun. Figuring out how to play the game would be difficult though.

Can I use this idea in other markets or industries?
-Instead of hebrew letters you could put letters of the English alphabet for non-Jewish children
Alphabet Dreidel.png

Can the rules be eliminated?
-Don't have to play the game by it's intended rules. Could make up your own variation of the game.

What if I made it smaller?/ Can I compact or make it smaller?
-Could be made smaller to be even more portable.
Teeny Tiny dreidel.png

What if it had less of something?
-Less sides to it. Instead of 4 sides there could be 3


Are there other patterns, layouts or sequences I can use?
-Instead of spinning it, it could be rolled like a dice

Should I turn it around? Up instead of down? Down instead of up?
It could be turned upside down and then use the handle so it can spin and then use the spinner as the handle (see picture if this is confusing
Upside down dreidel.png

What if I try doing the exact opposite of what I originally intended?
-Instead of having it spin like it should, it could just sit there for decoration

Part 2
For part two I decided to use the morphological analysis and came up with this graph. Not quite sure if I did it right, but here is my attempt.

And here are the products I created. I kind of struggled with this part so the products aren't exactly the greatest.

For the first one I combined the carousel, gameboy, and music. Basically the carousel has controls like a gameboy and then it plays the music from the game.

The next one I created I combined the wheel, board game, and T.V to make a television that you could play board games on with people in different rooms since the T.V can wheel around the house.

Part 3
For part 3 I went back to look at the list of highly rated products from the last assignment. A lot of the ideas are definitely do-able like the Hanukkah trivia game, Talking Tora, Pin the Candle on the Menorah, and the Jewish Holidays app. Some of the ideas that seem a little out of reach included the time traveling machine to visit the first celebration of each Jewish holiday, and the holiday robots. I think for the time machine instead of actually traveling through time you could go in some sort of machine that makes you feel like you're traveling in time with a bunch of cool graphics and sound effects and then it would have screens that display the celebrations so it makes you feel like you're actually there.

As for the robot, instead of it being a real robot it could be like any other kids electronic device powered by batteries. The kids could press buttons on it to make it talk about Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays.

Part Four
Here are some of my favorite ideas from this semester that I feel could be made into real products
Candlewood.pngHeat Bootd.png
Movie Shades.pngTora.pngMassage Coat.pngBoard Game.pngApp.pngMusic playing dreidel.pngGlow Sled.pngPinthecandle.png


Very clear way of using scamper for a dreidel. there was many ways you played with its use, especially for cooking, nice idea. I wonder if your ten ideas could be specified to a better lead to further develop your product idea?

I did notice that some of your ideas didn't relate to your topic like the massager and glasses. Maybe find a way to relate to Hanukkah with one of the methods used before in class?

Hi Hailee,

I like that the design of your blog easily breaks down the parts of the assignment and presents them in a clear and efficient manner. By showing the questions you asked during your SCAMPER experience, I felt like I understood your thought process better and appreciated your designs more.
I think you might be onto something with the scented firewood. I've had family that didn't want to start fires because they didn't want the smell. What a great way of expanding on the scented candle concept and changing the ambiance of the space it is within.

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