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For this week's assignment I started out with taking a look at the 10 promising products I picked out last week from these past 6 weeks. I ended up choosing 5 products from my winter theme of Hanukkah and 5 products that I came up with during the semester that dealt with the theme of winter. These products included...

  • Candle-wood: Wood that burns and smells like a candle.

  • Heat Boots: Boots that melt the snow beneath your feet

  • Glow sled: Entire sled glows up with the use of LED lights and a front flood light to guide you

  • Massage coat: Coat with built in back massager

  • Movie shades: Glasses with built in screens to watch movies wherever you are

  • Pin the candle on the menorah: Fun game for kids like pin the tail on the donkey

  • Music playing dreidel: Dreidel that plays music as it spins during game play

  • Holidays board game: Answer trivia questions about Jewish holidays correctly to progress

  • Jewish holidays App: Educates non-Jewish people about all Jewish holidays

  • Talking Tora: Kids toy that reads the writings of the Tora for kids who can't read.

After I gathered the results from the survey the top picks were......

1. Candle-wood Most people would pay $10-20, one went as high as $60

2. Heat Boots Desired price range $30-50 and $90-100
Heat Bootd.png

3. Massage Coat General price range was $40-80 with an outlier of $150.
Massage Coat.png

4. Pin the Candle on the Menorah Desired price of $10-15

5. Glow sled Desired price range of $20-40
Glow Sled.png



I came up with a few 2x2's for this part of the assignment.
Here is the one for the heat boots
Heat boots.png

The massager

And the Glow Sled
Glow Sled Final.png

As you can see towards the end I was having a little more difficulty filling out these 2x2's. For Pin the Candle on the Menorah and the Candle-wood I didn't make grids because I couldn't think of what I could put in them, but here are some products that I found that are along the same lines

Pin the Candle on the Menorah
There are many "pin the ___ on the ___" games out there so here are a few that I found

Thumbnail image for 12_4856.jpeg

For this product I found a candle burning inside of wood

and these wood sticks infused with scents like a candle


For the patents I found the patent for the candle for the candle-wood product

For the heat boots I found a boot that heated from the inside to keep your feet warm but nothing for melting the ice

For the massage coat I found something kind of like my idea. I found an "air-pressure type body acupuncture point massaging coat"

For Pin the Candle on the Menorah I have the patent for the menorah

And last for the Glow Sled I have the patent for the snow sled, the base of the product




Concern: Mixing wood and candle wax together. Is it possible? Perhaps just lacing the wood with scented wax could work.

Estimated cost: $316 for a truck load's worth of candle-wood
$50 for 5 lbs of bees wax
$41 for 2064 yards of wick
$175 for a truck load of firewood
$50 for 20oz of scented oil

Heat Boots
Concern: Finding a way to melt the ice without burning the wearers feet and the type of material we could use for the soles of the boots.

Estimated cost: $843
$30 for 6 sq ft. of leather
$13 for 1 yard of faux fur
I found a heated snow mat that could be cut and used for the soles that ran for about $800.

Massage coat

Concern: Cost of manufacturing the massage unit in the coat

Estimated cost: $360
$180 for pattern pieces
$5 for the zipper
$100 for the mobile massage system that I found
$75 for 3 yards of black solid wool

Pin the Candle on the Menorah

Concern: I don't have many concerns about this product, I think it is very do-able.

Estimated cost: $50-60 for the plastic

Glow Sled

Concern: Making sure the sled doesn't become too hot to sit on and making sure it isn't too bright so that it blinds the rider or people around them.

Estimated cost: $350
$28 for 2 pieces of pine board
$70 for LED flood light
$260 for 20 60W LED lights


It is obvious you put a lot of work into this. A few thoughts: Is pin the candle a picture/game? As in, pin the candle onto a sheet of paper? If so, plastic would not be a good base material. Also, a plastic menorah is generally a bad idea due to flammability. Stick to metal or ceramic. I understand where your 10 ideas came from, but it would have been nice if they were in more of a cohesive domain. If you were polling people for hanukah it would have made sense to ask people about hanukah products if they celebrate it. Hearing about your poll would have also been good. Nice blog though!

You're blog is very easy to read and well laid out. I think a characteristic you could have used for pin the candle on the menorah would be to measure pin the tail on the donkey games in the category of size, complexity, material, or aesthetic (cartoony vs. realistic). I think it would have been beneficial to see a range of these products to inform you what part of the market is open to investigate or pursue with the product idea or what has been successful and can be adapted to the menorah idea.
For your other 2x2s, I saw that you had a range from inexpensive to expensive which is good, but I think we were supposed to include the exact prices possibly. Overall, you went in depth for this blog which I think will help you decide on your final product. Good job!

Hey Hailee,

It would have definitely been useful to see some documentation about your survey and how you organized it. What did people think about the other products that you did not select in the top 5? Even though your last two ideas were difficult to find similar products, I think you still could have compiled 2x2 matrices for them. Think about products in completely different fields but with similar qualities. Then, the matrix allows you to analyze if there's an area where your product could be introduced into the market because nothing else like it exists! The matrices should also include product names, prices, and key features. Patent numbers for verification and perhaps a brief description of how the feature could be changed or implemented within your design would have been useful insights. You definitely researched cost well and provided a great, complete list of materials by price. Do you feel that these prices allow you to create a product that is still profitable? Looking forward to see which idea you select.

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