Assignment 7


And now for the finale, which product will be the last one standing??

I started off the assignment making my pugh graph and came up with this. As with most graph's I've made in this class I am not quite sure if I did this right, but I tried my best. Pardon my crooked lines.


After much debate I have decided that my final product shall be candle wood! Now originally candle wood was supposed to be firewood that was laced with candle wax that burned and smelled like a candle. Then I realized that my final 5 products that I chose were supposed to be related to my theme of Hanukkah. I thought that they could've been any products that we came up with during the semester.

Anyway with some very slight tweaking and a new name we know have....

Scents of Holiday Cheer! Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 10.44.03 PM.png

And now my video that gives a brief explanation of this new product. I didn't make my visual aide yet but I did make a mock up of what it will most likely look like and used it in the video down below

Movie on 2013-12-08 at


I like what you've chosen as your final product. I'm not sure this is the scale you're using for your presentation tomorrow, but I will just say, make sure you have a visual that is larger than this.Make sure you visual is clear and include labels where they may be necessary.

You talked about your product, fluid and casually. Just make sure you don't try to be a salewoman because, like Barry said, this product doesn't exist (yet), talk about it as being an idea. I think the only time you did this was in the very beginning. Approachable and calm delivery.

Overall, nice job! Good luck!

Hello Hailee,

Very neat and concise blog. I really like your final idea too! If I had a fireplace, I would most likely get it!
Here are a few areas you could improve on:
1) In your Pugh Chart, you were supposed to compare the ideas with 5-7 categories. (There are only three that are shown). Maybe add 'Marketable' and another relevant category?
2) In your video pitch, it would be nice if you included a short story to relate to the audience. This would make it personal and more comfortable.

Good luck and see you tomorrow!

Hi Hailee,

I liked your product idea. I thought it was very interesting and creative. Your pitch was very well delivered--in terms of content and clarity. I appreciate that you explained the context of the idea. It really brings out the 'product expression,' which is one of the three aspects that Lamb and Kallal (1992) emphasize about in their Functional, Expression and Aesthetic (FEA) consumer needs model, which you could look up when you find time. It's often used as a framework in the apparel design process.

I had some trouble in relating to the visual that you were showing on the video, maybe it's because it appears laterally inverted! I also could not read the descriptions very clearly. But I noticed that the visual that you showed in yesterday's presentation looked great.:)

Perhaps it might also be better to mount your visual on the wall, just so that you don't have to keep adjusting it while talking.


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