assignment 2


For the first part of the assignment, I decided to watch a couple episodes of adventure time to get into a playful mood. If you haven't watched the show-- I definitely suggest it. (Lumpy Space Princess is my favorite!)adventure_time.jpeg
After getting carried away and watching more than a few episodes, I started to work on my mind map around our theme of winter.mindmap.jpg
Some categories that cam up for me were: clothes, outdoor activities, olympics, weather, health, holiday, food, and drinks. The subcategories that I am interested in exploring more were the physical affects of winter and different outdoor activities. After looking at my mind map, I tried to use to cross products and associations to develop some silly ideas. If I was stuck I would watch another episode of adventure time to keep my mind in a playful mood instead of getting too focused on the assignment and getting frustrated.sketchbook.jpg Here are the 10 ideas that I developed!
1. Kleenex Mittens:
2. Salt Bombs:
3. Resolution Reminder Watch:
4. Kneepad Socks: Last year, I slipped crossing the street and pretty much superstar slid into the curb. I would have really appreciated having these instead of bruised knees.
5. Heated Curling Stone:
6. Light up Snowflakes: These lights are able to stick anywhere and combats seasonal affective disorder.
7. Scented Scarf:
8. Snowball Gun:
9. Light up Boots:
10. Chicken Soup Cane:


I think that was very smart of you to keep watching episodes when you got stuck. I did the same thing and worked on it while I watched my movie. That seemed to help keep me a playful mood instead of getting too stressed, like you mentioned. I think all of your ideas are really strong, and it seems like you really pushed yourself a step or two past your comfort zone to come up with these ideas.
Your images all look very nice and clean, and I like your blog design so far.
My favorite idea of yours was the light up snowflake that combats S.A.D. I also had a product in regards to S.A.D.-its a really interesting sub-theme to work with.

I agree with the previous comment, good idea to keep watching episodes to maintain the right level of playfulness during your ideation process. I like the kleenex mitten and chicken soup cane ideas, they look pretty smart and playful to me.
In your mind map I've just noticed that you branched finals out of holidays, that's funny =)
I've never seen adventure time cartoons, but the screen grab you attached at the beginning of your blog post makes me want to watch it.

You had some nice ideas! Salt bombs is the most realistic product, but I really liked the heated curling stone! The chicken soup cane is also interesting, mainly because it results in soup, not something like hot chocolate, where you might normally associate a candy cane with it.

One thing I think it would be nice to have seen is some form of showing your cross products work. Like saying “candy cane + soup = chicken soup cane”, or listing some reject ideas. just something beyond a list of chosen concepts would have been a good addition.

Nice ideas though!

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