assignment 4


For the brainstorming session, I converted my problems into "How might we" questions:
-- How might we makes products that make you feel better during the winter?
-- How might we use light/sleep to help with the winter blues?

I had a couple participants from the school of architecture in the bachelor of architecture program. It was interesting to see the creative ideas that they came up with, after laughing at our ideas and enhancing each others with new drawings-- the ideas really were flowing for a short 15 minute brainstorming session.
photo 1.JPG

The game that we played was an old favorite of mine called "Honey, if you love me would you please please smile?" My friends and I used to play this all the time, everyone would stand in a circle with one person in the middle. The person in the middle would have to make someone laugh only saying "Honey, if you love me would you please, please smile?" other than that, you are free to do whatever to make them smile-- use a different voice, act out something funny. If you can't make the person laugh, you have to move on to another person until someone smiles.. then they are in the middle. It's a great exercise to get people to loosen up and act silly without being judged.

Brainstorming Session:
After a quick 15 minute brainstorming session, we generated about 24 ideas the ideas per minute were about .2 but we were pressed for time as everyone had classes to get to but I think that there were some interesting ideas that I definitely wouldn't have come up with on my own!
photo 2.JPG

(click for a closer look)

After they were sorted into different categories:
Eyewear, Light up, Reminder, Colors, Drug Related, and Activity.
(click image for a closer look)

Best Ideas:
How might we makes products that make you feel better during the winter?
1. Scribble activity to relieve stress
2. Dopamine injection system -- (that makes me think of vitamin d supplements)
3. Flying Bubble Station:
4. Support Group:
5. Happy App:

-- How might we use light/sleep to help with the winter blues?
1. Light Up Hat:
2. Pillow that slowly lights up:
3. Bubble Bath with Happy Light:
4. Glasses with Rims that shines full spectrum:
5. Sunny Day Umbrella:


Hi Aicha,

You did great job in the short amount of time since on your group members had to run for a class.
I really liked how you showed all of the ideas, and showed the clear categories of which sketch belonged to which categories. I did enjoy looking at the sketches that were not in the best ideas.
I noticed that you did 15 minutes for both how might we question, or maybe you did 15 minutes for each, I wasn't clear. By looking at your ideas, it seemed to me that there were 24 sketches, and the sketch for the individual how might we question were pulled from the 24 sketches. I understood that it was tough to spend whole 40 minutes on two sessions since your group members had class to go. But you would end up with more ideas from your group when you had the whole 40 minutes. My suggestion was that perhaps you could pick a different time, or continue the game with your group members at a different time.

Great jobs!

Hello Aicha:
I love your clear layout and also your idea listing. You scanned almost all your work, which must require a lot of time commitment. I would enjoy reading your post even more if you could make the whole process more clearly. For example, I think 24 ideas in 40 minutes is a pretty low production rate, or you did 15 minutes in total?
Also I noticed that you included your classmate for this assignment, so it might not meet the requirement. However, I totally understand that gathering 4 people in such a short time is really hard (especially when your friends are all in college of design ;). At least you did your best for this assignment. Good job.
Another suggestion for you would be adding more explanations for your ideas. For example I am not very sure about “Bubble Bath with Happy Light”, like what is a “happy –light”? If you could explain more about your ideas, I am pretty sure your blog will be more comprehensive.

Great generated ideas! Id love a light up hat. Or an app that tells me how awesome I am on the daily (sometimes I need a reminder).Your blog is very well put together. I like that you can zoom in on the picture to see it bigger. Also I noticed that you color coated the ideas based on the groups they were separated into. Great touch!

Some comments I would make for improvement would be to restate what your problems were at the beginning. Also "How might we make products that make you feel better in the winter" I feel could be worded differently. I know that's the template that they wanted us to use, but I think a more effective statement could be "What kind of products can we make that would help you feel better (or maybe more energized, happier, or more active) during the winter time?"

Also I love that smiling game! But I didn't see where you invented one of your own. Maybe you did and just didn't include it, but that was part of the assignment as well.

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