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[edit] I decided to take to take a second look at the survey and match the comments from the survey with a product from my top 10 that could solve it.

To start the assignment, I tried to find some forums that were specific for seasonal affective disorder. After some research, I registered and found 2 different forums that I could post on to get some feed back.
--Daily Strength Forum
--Mental Health Forum
After, I developed a survey asking questions about their light therapy lamps, how much they paid, how much they're willing to pay for my ideas and also if there were any improvements that they would like to see on the light therapy lamps.

Many of the responses noted that they paid a lot for their lamps, half said that they splurged and got a lamp they felt would last longer ($90-$150), many said that a good minimum to pay for a light therapy lamp would be about $70-$100 they wanted a product that would last and would require minimal attention (such as replacing light bulbs, charging, etc). It was mentioned that it would be nice to have a light that was a little more portable and when I asked about an activity to it, they seemed interested as long as it didn't take up too much of their focus.

When looking at the comments, I decided to match a product with the surveyors suggestions. This is what lead to my top 5:


I thought that a hand-held lamp would be perfect for the person that suggested that they would use it on the airplane. The portable lamp would be able to fit into a bag and the user could hold it up to whatever angle they need it.


It seems that this person would benefit from a light hat, they would be able to wear the hat and then be able to move around while getting their dose of vitamin d.


Similar to the design of the ipad smart case, a foldable light would be able to create a stable base (like the smart case base for the ipad).


The idea of the modular light would be that it would come in a pack of 5 and they can be connected together to create a lamp as large as needed or a single one could be used. This would lessen the hassle of setting up a lamp and also allowing the user to create their own lamp with a large/small surface area.


I thought that it was intersting that this person uses it throughout the year and I thought it could be improved with some seasonal colors. Along with the bright light the colors could also brighten (no pun intended) the mood.

(click for a closer look!)

When looking for products similar to my top ideas, I found that it was tough to find something for my foldable light idea and a color changing light relating specifically to light therapy for SAD. After looking around I found that the folding lights mostly related to makeup mirrors and desk lights, while the color changing light mostly related to light for children. I also noticed that Phillips is kind of the leading company for SAD therapy lights, I almost found a light to fit each or more of my 5 ideas.


hat light.png



modular light.png

Biggest concerns for ideas:
I think my biggest concern for my ideas is figuring out how they might workout. This research has helped me find out what is possible, and also develop my own ideas further to create a better light therapy lamp.

Manufacturing Cost Assessment:
I figured that the average price for each of the clusters above to determine the manufacturing price.

--foldable light
average price:

--light hat

--hand held light

--seasonal colors light

--modular light

so on average the lamps would cost about $11.00 to produce, meaning that an average lamp would be about $110.00


To begin with, a bit of blog clean up is advised. Some of the spacing is smushed and the first line could be removed at this point. I am a bit confused about your ideas. Are these products already in existence? How are your ideas novel at all? Also I found your narrative hard to follow. Excellent work on using a forum. Those are fabulous sources of data.

Great idea to use a forum! I think the feedback on your surveys have great value since the interviewees are direct users of the product type you are looking at. I see that a lot of your ideas are current products on the market. I was wondering if you received any feedback from your surveys on issues that occur with these existing products and maybe you can address these other issues possibly with your product? For example, do the handheld devices have an adequate battery life? Does it need charging often? Just some things to think about.

Hey Aicha,
Your graphics are very well done. I like the appearance of novel graphic but it lacks a sense of exploration. The point of doing a 2x2 is to explore multiple ranges of aspects. Maybe you could have graphed the degree of foldability vs. cost, etc. I also think that doing some form of manufacturing cost analysis would be beneficial for your project ideas.

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