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TOPIC: Seasonal Affective Disorder - Singin' the Winter Blues

How might we statement:
1. How might we use light to help with the winter blues?

Top 5 Ideas:
1. Hand-Held Lamp
2. Light Hat
3. Foldable Light
4. Modular Light
5. Seasonal Colors Lamp

Pugh Chart:
I chose to use the foldable lamp as a benchmark product because there seemed to be the most on the market for this particular item and that I could compare it to the others that might not have as many products.


Final Product:
I decided to name the light hat.. the lumi-hat combining the word luminescent and hat together. I felt that it would invoke the idea of a luminescent hat that would provide a portable method of getting some vitamin D!


video pitch:


Great name and great concept! You really implemented your problem statement, focused on your user and came up with a product that is unique, yet simple. Clean, simple design. Make sure when you print your visual the yellow from the hat's light can easily be seen. Perhaps use a black background for you display board?

Try to be a little more personable with your pitch. I think you covered important points, but you seemed a little tense. Just loosen up, you know your product well and deliver it with a good amount of formality while remaining casual.

Hey Aicha,

Very interesting product!! Also, I like the final sketch and name that you gave your product. I also am very happy that you included your theme and top 5 products at the beginning of the post. Your pitch was very clear and insightful also!
Here are some ways you could improve your pitch:
1) Maybe add a personal story? That can draw more on emotions and make the product much more relevant to the audience.
2) Try to be more inspired and enthusiastic about your product. I am sure you love the product, just make the audience believe that!

I hope this helps with your pitch tomorrow!

Great formatting of your Pugh chart and professional final digital sketches! They really show great design skills and growth throughout the semester. I think you picked a catchy, descriptive name for the product, but I would have liked if you would have included a brief description of how it works soI can better understand what makes its features novel. Your pitch was informational and calm, but you could try being more conversational, enthusiastic and creative with your delivery. The product looks kind of silly on its own so I think you need to either play that up or make it into something more serious that would be sold in the medical section of a store.

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