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KFC $10 Challenge Challenged

KFC has a commercial running right now that shows a family trying to cook a meal for under $10. They shop for the ingredients, tally the total, then give up and go to KFC for the seven piece meal deal. A blogger on Grist.org took the challenge, shopping and cooking the meal for $7.94. You can read his account here.

It seems like everyone is trying to find their angle in regards to the economy. Now, I think it's a little sanctimonious to suggest that people should spend hours preparing a chicken making gravy from the giblets, etc. That's just not reality for many people. However, I do think cheap, unhealthy food from fast food restaurants contributes to obesity and chronic diseases in our country. It will be interesting to see how the economy affects people's food consumption, whether they cook more at home (almost inherently healthier) or eat cheap fast food more.


When I think of KFC, I hardly think of any loving preparation of food, reasonable amounts of sodium, teaching kids how to be creative and self-sufficient with food or the potential of quality family time spent together to create a meal. We should teach our children the value of something positive like providing food for themselves and loved ones, not a greasy cop-out!

Ha! Thanks for posting that. When I saw that ad claiming that you can't cook that chicken meal for under $10, I was like, "Pfft...yes you can." So I'm glad that blogger called them out on it.

That goes to show that just because the people in the commercial can't do it, doesn't mean you can't. It's definitely possible to make a better, cheaper version of that meal that isn't full of trans fats.