Gender on the road...

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How many different kinds of masculinity are represented in this film and what is this movie saying about men and masculinity in 1960's America?
Many different kinds of masculinity are shown in this film, it screams manliness in every symbol, song, and even the dialog. It is very clearly masculine dominated. Right from the start we see only men in the first few scenes and then the motorcycles throughout the entire movie drive it home. Also the music through-out the entire film is rock which is generally associated with a masculine taste. The dialog in film is very short and choppy, they never dive into feeling or backgrounds or many of the things that would be considered feminine traits. Also along the lines of dialog we see that women never really had strong speaking roles. The few times that women spoke in the movie it was about something insignificant and overshadowed by a man. It was clear through-out the entire film that this was slanted in an incredibly masculine way. I think all these symbols show that to be a "manly-man" in the 1960's you needed to go the "traditional route." Men needed to be stronger than women in every way shape and form. Men felt they had a right over women, that they were smarter, more superior, and in general in control of everything.

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