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St. Paul man pleads guilty to assault with table leg

Andrew Vasterling, 28, admitted in court on Tuesday to attacking a man with the leg of an antique table, according to the Pioneer Press.
The attack itself took place on July 7, 2006 but has just recently come into the court system.
Vasterling made his statement on Tuesday about the incident that happened in the appartment of a Rocky LaFrenz, who lived off of Como Avenue. According to Vasterling the victim, Russel Hirsch, was arguing with LaFrenz over the condition of his antique table, and Vasterling picked up one of the table's legs and struck Hirsche with it.
Hirsch has no memory of the attack, according to his statements to the Pioneer Press. He said that he remembered being in his appartment and then waking up in the hospital. He said that he had originally thought that he had fell down the stairs because someone told him that was what had happened, and the truth was only found out when the police interviewed a women who had been at the appartment that night. The woman said Hirsch's head was split open from the assault.
After Vasterling pleaded guilty it was agreed by prosecutors that the charges would remain as assault and not be ammended to attempted murder.
Hirsch, a 43-year-old man, has needed five brain surgeries since the assault and has lost 60% of his short-term memory.