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Eighty injured in soccer brawl

Around 80 people were injured in a brawl at a soccer game in the Columbian city of Cali on Saturday.

The game was between the America de Cali and the Deportivo de Cali soccer squads at the Pascual Guerrero stadium, and in the 82nd minute of the game a brawl broke out between the 'Red Baron' fan club of America de Cali and the Deportivo de Cali team. The fight started at the base of the stands and spilt into the field as angry fans and players fought each other.

According to an incident report realeased to the Associated Press, 18 people suffered stab wounds during the brawl. The were treated by medics at the game and were then sent to a local hospital. Over 60 other people received other minor injuries, and amonf the injured were three police officers and a pregnant woman.

During the brawl, police fired off tear gas into the fight as the brawlers tore down stadium barricades, lit firecrackers and tried to spread across the field.

After the brawl was over, another fight erupted with players of the two teams trading blows when the America de Cali team protested the Deportivo team not being penalized. The America coach, Diego Edison Umana, joined the fight and was seen elbowing his Cali counterpart Daniel Carreno.

Jorge Ivan Ospina, the mayor of Cali, called Umana 'directly responsible' for all of the violence that happened at the game.