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A new leader is elected for the Mormon community

Thousands attended the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Saturday and voted in a new leader for their community.

Thomas S. Monson took over the role of leading the Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints in February after Gordon B. Hinckley's death in later January. Monson was the senior member of the church's Quorum of Twelve Apostles, who is the member of the church who traditionally takes over the role when a previous president passes, but the faith calls for a sustaining vote to ratify the position. The ceremony, referred to as the solemn assembly, involved all of the church's orginization's from youth groups to the highest leaders voting in turn for the new president.

Monson was voted in as the new president of the church, and will continue to lead the Mormon communinty as the first new leader in over 13 years. He has served in the church for over 40 years, and while some are anxious to see what changes he makes in the church, he stated in February that he intends no abrupt differences for the Mormon community.

His first address to the church as president was held Saturday night to a group made up soley of male members who have attained the preisthood. He is expected to speak at the Chirch of Christ of Latter-Day Saints' biannual conference later this month, where he has often spoken before, which is expected to bring in over 100,000 people over two days.