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Man facing exposure charges

A Minneapolis man is facing three counts indecents exposure, a misdemeanor charge, for exposing himself and allegedly masturbating in front of two young women in Walter Library on the University of Minnesota campus.

A women reported to police that a man approached her at a table in Walter Library at 9 p.m., sat near her, and then exposed himself and masturbated. According to the report the woman yelled "What are you doing," and "I'm leaving," at the man, now identified as David Lee Gatson, 39, and that the man then said "No, I'm leaving," and walked out.

The next night a different woman reported that a man, also identified as Gatson, approached her at a table in Walter Library at 8:45 p.m. and passed her a note that said "That's a nice phone does it take pictures," before arranging chairs around her in a type of barricade. He then sat down, exposed himself and began to masturbate.

According to the police roport Gatson has three prior indecent exposure convictions in Hennepin County in the past three years.