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One killed and dozens injured in bus accident

A bus carrying high school students home to Pelican rapids flipped on I-94 in the Nerthwest Metro area early Saturday morning, killing one and injuring dozens.
Jessica Weishair, 16, was killed when the bus flipped onto its side at 5:45 a.m. as it was carrying the school band back to Pelican Rapids from a four-day tour of Chicago. Two other students were in critical condition Saturday night, after the crash had been cleared and students were taken by ambulance and helicopter to nearby hospitals. Dozens of students had other minor injuries.
There were 43 students, four chaperones, a tour director and the driver on the bus. The second bus that was carrying the rest of the school band was not involved in the accident, but some students from that vehicle saw it happen, saying the bus went airborn on a freeway exit ramp, skidded, and tipped. Firefighters reported that some students had arms or legs pinned under the bus when they got there.
Stacy and Kim Weishair, the parents of Jessica Weishair, told a Star Tribune reporter that "Even though we are struggling with our grief, we hold in our thoughts those who have been injured and all the students, staff, chaperones and their families who were involved in the band trip."
Other students and relations of the students have come together in an air of agreement that it was a tragic end to what had been a fun, enjoyable week touring Chicago's arts scene.