Conan Focus Group Parody

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Have you ever wondered how talk show hosts get feedback about their shows? Probably not like this:
(you should skip to about the 1:00 minute mark)

Here is an example of a great research parody. Conan attempts a focus group for his show. While entertaining, there are many issues with the group that would not be acceptable in real research. These issues are what show that the focus group is a parody and not actual useable research.

For example, Conan's focus group is not representative of his audience and therefore any information gained is not applicable to his actual audience.
There are many ethical issues that would be a problem if this was a real focus group. For example, the kids were told that their responses would be anonymous, however Conan was standing in the focus group viewing room watching and commenting on the groups responses. See if you can spot any other issues with this research that make it a parody.

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