The Walking Dead Sponsorship Debacle

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Fans of the show The Walking Dead may have picked up on this unusual advertising placement during the shows mid-season finale episode. For anyone unaware, or grossed out by zombies, this episode contained one of the most gruesome and graphic scenes of a zombie attack in the history of the show. The scene ends by transitioning into a message from KFC stating, "come in today to taste why fresh is better".

The scene is available through the article link below, but contains very graphic images.

While KFC deemed this advertising placement as "unfortunate", others (AKA me) consider it hilarious regardless of the controversy surrounding the 17-second clip. I believe that this situation brings up a great opportunity to evaluate how relevance to a show affects sponsorship effectiveness. Another factor this issue sheds light on is the question of how advertisement placement can affect how effective the ad is. For example, would KFC have a more successful campaign if they had placed their ad midway through a commercial break, or is the media buzz caused by this particular placement benefitting the brand?

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