When Surveys are bad...

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Here's a great article about how research participants want to complete quality research.

One key point of the article are they importance of question hierarchy and how it effects a participants experience. As we discussed in class, the flow of questions should be logical. Screening questions should always be first. The article agrees, stating that the author was confused and actually angry about the main body questions being placed first.

Another point the author has an issue with is uneven scale and forced answer questions. They describe how they had an issue with "attitudinal questions using an agreement/disagreement scale without a neutral or "Don't Know" option."
What is being described here is an incorrect formatting of a Likert Scale. Excluding a neutral option forces a participant to answer with responses they don't actually believe.

Another interesting point discussed is the use of a progress bar. A lack of progress bar keeps participants in the dark about how long a survey actually is, and they may feel distrustful and decide to leave the survey early without completing it.

The article continues to list more insights from the perspective of a participant.


The information in this article leads up to a great point; the quality of information you receive is based on the quality of the questions you create for respondents.

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