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3 dead in parking lot shootings

A women was shot to death in an apparent domestic dispute and her suspected killer was later found alongside a nearby freeway dead of a likely self-inflicted gunshot wound outside of a Maple Groove McDonald's.

In an unrelated incident a man was shot to death outside of a White Castle in Hopkins within 12 hours of the Maple Groove shooting, according to the Star Tribune.

Police were called to the Maple Grove McDonald's at Sycamore Lane N. around 2 p.m. were they found a women in her 20s dead of at least two gunshot wounds.

Witnesses were able to give police descriptions of both the man and the vehicle he fled with, and he was later found on the side of Interstate 694 near the border of Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center.

It is unknown whether children that were present at the McDonald's actually witnessed the shooting.