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Tech recruiting clashes with immigration rules

Top technology company executive claim that "byzantine and increasingly restrictive visa and immigration rules" have squandered their ability to hire the world's best engineers.

In a New York Times article written Saturday, Google and other top technology companies say the Chinese, Indian and Russian technologists have transformed the industry.

According to the Times, over half of the the companies founded from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s were founded by foreign-born people.

Craig Barrett, the chairman of Intel, blames the education system that can't be easily fixed, and says a stopgap would be to let companies hire more foreign engineers.

“With a snap of the fingers, you can say, ‘I’m going to make it such that those smart kids — and as many of them as want to — can stay in the United States.’ They’re here today, they’re graduating today — and they’re going home today.”

There are many opponents of the idea to let more foreign engineers into the country to work.

“There are probably two billion people in the world who would like to live in California and work, but not everyone in the world can live here,” said Kim Berry, an engineer who operates a nonprofit advocacy group for American-born technologists. “There are plenty of Americans to do these jobs.”