Analysis of "The case for higher minimum wage"

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Tyler Brage
Analysis of Argument
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The Case for Higher Minimum Wage Analysis

Although this article does not support my beliefs on this issue, I believe it did an excellent job arguing in support of an increased minimum wage law. The main argument of the article was to refute opposition beliefs that an increase in minimum wage to 11$/hr will have negative effects on unemployment. The secondary argument was that contrary to the opposing parties belief this would only effect teenage summer employment, it will actually effect adult compensation as well.
The article did a fantastic job defining in their view the point of minimum wage laws, citing the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. They also incorporated research into their claims in an attempt to use evidence and statistics to show the real life effects it will have on many in poverty. The article claims poverty would be reduced by 4.6 million. They used economic reasoning stating it is the only way to approach the issue without forcing additional government spending on top of government programs including food stamps, Medicaid and the earned income tax credit. This was effective because most opposition strongly opposes increases in government spending and debt, so it forces them to make a choice on the issue.
The article also offered a clear and articulate graph of data regarding the increase in minimum wage issue. It provided additional visual representation of the effects they are trying to portray. This allowed readers to not only read what the author was trying to portray, but also have a way to compare and contrast based on the graph provided.
Finally, I was extremely impressed with the articles concentration on making everything easily understandable to the reader, by provided links next to several of the main points. This helped readers find more information about the aspect they may be confused about by directing the reader to a more detailed page.
Ultimately I feel the writers did an excellent job providing an explicit argument supporting an increase in the minimum wage law. It was effective by using a wide variety of logos to provide the reader with evidence and reasoning as to why this would be a good decision. The article was definitely directed towards an audience of politically moderate people, for that reason I felt the article did a great job not attempting to move the audience to far on the issue by avoiding radical views and opinions. Whether you agree or disagree with what the article is saying, I hope many of us can agree that it is a well planned and executed argument to raise the minimum wage.

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