March 5, 2005

Week 7

Worlds Of Women
Chapter 3
1. How did access to money define who was "in" and who was "out"? p.52
2.Why were there mostly older women involved in the women's international movement? What were the barriers for getting young women involved? p.62
3.Why did non-European women resent the funding coming from America?p.70
Chapter 4
1. Why was the movement considered separatist? p.89-92
2.In the early 20th century "sexual revolution," what if anything was still considered unnaceptable sexual behavior? What was the attitude toward non-married relationships? p.95
Chapter 5
1. What was the definition of internationalism in the 1920's-30's? p.108
Do you think the terms "spirit" and "force" accurately describe the women's international movement? p.108
2. Why was it hard for women from colonized countries to embrace the coexistence of nationalism and internationalism? p. 122

Global Feminisms
1. Why can there never be a singular "feminism"? p.9

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