April 10, 2005

Feminist Critiques of Modern Japan

1. Mackie makes the point to say on page 182, “discussion of women in other Asian countries often focuses on issues of development and underdevelopment, but the problems faced by contemporary Japanese women are the problems of advanced capitalism.” Why do you think that is? What makes Japan different than other Asian countries, and how does this change the struggles that feminists are fighting for there?
2. What do you think about the rationale for granting women’s suffrage? “Women would be more peace loving and challenge militarist traditions.”
3. Japan’s constitution is considered to be one of the most liberal in the world. What did Japan lack in regards to implementation? Any ideas about how you would implement such regulations?
4. The constitution “prohibits differential treatment in wages and on the basis of sex.” Why are women still struggling in the workplace?
5. Mentioned several times is the ‘unique Japanese family system’ the author feels that this is a myth and is used to justify women’s relegation in the domestic sphere. Do you agree? Is the author being insensitive to Japanese culture?
6. In the section “Masculinity, femininity and the media,” the author uses examples of comic books and media stories to present how the media presents a stereotypical view of women. Do you feel that the author’s argument is a strong one? How is this similar to media representations of gender in the U.S.?

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