April 19, 2005

some important dates

From your service learning project handout:

2. Written Narrative: this is the “raw” form of your organizational history. You’ll turn one copy in to me and another in to your organization (they may want it in electronic form as well as a typed copy). The text from this narrative will be the bulk of your final product.
• First Draft: due April 4, this initial draft will be graded on a check-/check/check+ basis. There’s no specific page-length requirement, but keep in mind that my comments will be more useful to you the more finished your draft is.
• Length: at least ten pages, typed, double spaced.
• Organization: your narrative should be a fairly standard history, with an introduction, clear structure, and a conclusion.
Due date: May 12, noon, in my office or via email attachment

Presentations will take place at Mapps Coffeehouse (1810 Riverside Avenue) on Thursday, May 12 starting at 7pm.

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