April 25, 2005

Questions on Yemen!

1. Name some differences between the former northern and former southern Yemen.

2. Which do you think was a better place to be involved in a women’s movement- the northern or the southern? Which movement had better, and longer-lasting effects?

3. Once Yemen is united, does Badran paint a picture of a successful movement? What about the Yemeni women’s movement is/isn’t successful?

4. On page 155 Badran writes, “In western countries, women’s movements to gain rights to vote and to be elected have been campaigns directed exclusively at obtaining female suffrage…In middle eastern countries women’s movements (first appearing at moments of national liberation and new state formation) have articulated a discourse of political rights and personal status rights within a unitary framework of citizens’ rights”. What other women’s movements have we studied that appeared at the same time as a movement for civil rights?

5. On page 167 Badran writes, “Yemeni men attempted to mobilize women to vote, largely as a function of partisan politics.” How much of a step forward is the right to vote if the men celebrate it for self-serving reasons?

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