January 28, 2005

Week Two - Jan. 31 - Discussion Questions

Some questions to get us started on Monday: Foos:
  • What are the different kinds of service that Foos identifies?
  • How are these types of service characterized?
  • Why is gender a part of this discussion?
Global Feminisms, Series Editorís Preface:
  • What is revisionism in history?
  • How is revisionism relevant for feminism?
The Women's Movements:
  • According to Bolt, what was life like for American and British women before 1820?
  • How might this picture be complicated?
  • What major changes shook the Anglophone world in this era?
  • How might these changes have affected people other than those described by Bolt?
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January 27, 2005

Bolt update

I just spoke to the good folks over at Amazon. It looks like they won't have the book for us for another week yet. What this means for you: pick up the other books from Amazon; I'll make arrangements to get you what you need for the reading for week three AND work something out so that they can bring the Bolt book to our class once they have it.

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From the Feminist Studies Colloquium:

You are invited to our opening session of the Spring 2005 Feminist Studies Colloquium series as we explore collaborations with the arts organization Intermedia Arts in conversation with Artistic Director, Sandy Agustin. Please join us!

What: Meet Sandy Agustin, Artistic Director of Intermedia Arts
When: Monday Jan 31, 2005 3:15-5
Where: 400 Ford Hall (Geiger room)
Why: to brainstorm and plan collaborations between Intermedia Arts and
the students and scholars at the U for 2005.

Intermedia Arts' mission is to be a catalyst that builds understanding among people through art. Their focus in current programming in Immigrant Status, and their important and exciting program Home, Land, Security continues through January. Next year's focus will be Women. While some of you may already know and work with Intermedia Arts, this informal meeting will be a wonderful opportunity for students and faculty in our programs and classes to get involved in supporting the artistic, educational, and social change goals we share with the organization.

For further information about Intermedia Arts, including its mission, events, educational programming, community and artistic collaborations, go to:

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January 26, 2005

Any questions?

We covered a lot of ground on Monday, especially regarding the service learning assignment. Now that you've had some time to think about what we discussed, do you have any questions for me?

Leave a comment with your question - I'll be answering them (also in the comments) tomorrow and Friday. (It's very likely that many of your classmates have similar questions to yours, so this format will help other people in the class, too.)

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January 25, 2005

Bolt, Chapter One

Here's the Bolt reading for next week. I'll post an announcement here once the book is available from Amazon. At that point, this .pdf will disappear, so enjoy it while you've got it.

(In Acrobat, you'll need to select "rotate view clockwise" if you'd like to read the document on-screen rather than print it out.)

UPDATE: now that the book is in, the .pdf is going away.

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January 19, 2005


This website is intended to provide you with easy access to class materials and announcements, and to facilitate class communication.

Here is a brief description of the class:

We will ground our study of Western feminism's history by examining the way feminism has developed in the United States and in England. A substantial amount of our time will explore the interactions between Western feminisms and those in other parts of the world. As one of our primary activities, students will research and write organizational histories for local feminist organizations (specific organizations will be chosen the first day of class). Writing assignments and other coursework have been adjusted, but it is important that you are committed to this project, which will require significant time outside of the classroom.

For further information, please see the syllabus.

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