Reflective Journal

Your reflective journal provides a place for you to synthesize the variety of material we cover in class. Reading assignments, class discussions, group activities, and service learning all intersect. Your journal is the place to explicitly discuss those intersections. How does what you're learning in class relate to your activities with your organization? How do our readings inform your thinking about the organizational history? What contradictions emerge?

Your journal is also my way to check in on your service learning progress.

Your journal needs to be typed and double-spaced. You can submit entries in one of two ways: via email attachment or handed in at the beginning of class. If you submit via email, you need to send me the entry by noon on Monday. The attachment should be a .doc or .txt file.

Entries can be of any length, but must be relevant and thoughtful. You should briefly summarize whatever you're talking about - readings, discussion, etc. - so that your references in the reflective portions of your journal are clear to me. Also include a brief summary of what you've done that week for the service learning project (these can be very brief - "I met with Angie, and she gave me a list of people to talk to about interviews. Becky and Bertha and I called them; we set up interviews with five people.")

Your journals will be graded on a check-/check/check+ basis. A check- indicates that your entry is not up to expectations for this class. Exceptionally thoughtful entries will receive a check+ ; you'll receive a check on most good quality work. A check is equal to full credit; the check+ essentially grants you some extra credit.

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