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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.

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Events Calendar Reports

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We have made it possible so that we can send weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports to primary and secondary contacts within each units. These reports come from Google Analytics and are setup to show the top content for the contact's unit. The goal of these reports is to allow our primary and secondary unit contacts to be able to determine how people view their events and allow them to improve the event postings and marketing.

If any primary or secondary unit contacts are interested in receiving these reports, please send an e-mail to and let us know how often (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) you would like to receive the reports.

Lyris ListManager upgrade completed

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Lyris ListManager has been successfully updated to version 9.3g.

2010 predictions for social computing

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Check out what more than 70 of the best and brightest in marketing, content marketing, custom publishing, and social media have to say about what 2010 will bring.

According to Joe Pulizzi, founder of Junta42, the key trends will include:
1. Video will be big in 2010 (Note: especially using video to interact with customers)
2. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile
3. More companies will need to outsource content to expert publishers
4. Quality content trumps frequent crappy content
5. Don't say it - more offline content in 2010???

Read the entire set of predictions at:

While your at it - you might want to also check out the next socialnomics video at:

Finally - as long as you are still reading this -- check out the top 50 Facebook brand pages at:

Happy new year!

Lyris upgrade scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 30

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Lyris ListManager will be upgraded from version 9.3e to 9.3g on Wednesday, December 30. The upgrade will begin early and is expected to be completed by 8 a.m. the same day. Lyris should be considered unavailable from midnight Wednesday, December 30 thru 8 a.m. There are no changes to user functionality or the user interface; this upgrade is strictly for bug and security fixes, and two other behind-the-scenes changes.

See the System Status website around the upgrade for additional information. Additional information may also be posted here.

If you haven't heard about the new FTC guidelines regarding the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising by now, you better get up to speed fast. On December 1, 2009, the new regulations went into effect and they have big implications for bloggers and Internet marketers...

Read the complete article at:

P.S. Here's an article related specifically to Facebook and Twitter: Yes, new FTC guidelines extend to Facebook fan pages

Events Calendar Unit Key Contacts - Updated 12-9-09

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Below is the list of units that have submitted Events Calendar Unit Agreement forms and the key contacts:

- Academic Health Center
  * Brent Engebretson (
  * Jacob Portnoy (

- Athletics
  * Jenna Mohs (
  * Kileigh Carpenter (

  * Honey VanderVenter (
  * Holly Klinger (

- College of Biological Sciences
  * Sue Martinez (
  * Katie Hoffman (

- College of Continuing Education
  * Jennifer Herold (
  * Liz Turchin (

- College of Design
  * Laura Weber (
  * Lori Mollberg (

- College of Education and Human Development
  * Jeff Abuzzahab (
  * Nathan Kopka (

- College of Liberal Arts -
  * Karen Swoverland (
  * Dan Kunitz (

- College of Pharmacy
  * Amy L. Olson (
  * Amy Leslie (

- Human Resources
  * Wendy Volkman (
  * Caryn Lantz (

- Humphrey Institute
  * Julie Lund (
  * Anne Mason (

- Institute of Technology
  * Peter Riemenschneider (
  * Rhonda Zurn (

- Law School
  * Cynthia Huff (
  * Monica Wittstock (

- Office for Equity and Diversity
  * Naomi Farabee (
  * Barb Chapin (

- Office of Information Technology
  * KT Cragg (
  * Ben Neeser (

- Office of International Programs
  * Jennifer Schulz (
  * Antonia Lortis (

- Office of the VP for Research
  * John Merritt (
  * Amy Danielson (

- Office of Undergraduate Education
  * Jake LaSota (
  * Pamela Baker (

- School of Public Health
  * Mark Engebretson (
  * Barb Cook (

- Student Unions
  * Zach Johnson (
  * Collette Litzinger (

- The Graduate School
  * Gayla Marty (
  * Marci Freundschuh (

- System Academic Administration
  * Michael Greco (
  * Sara Bielawski (

- University Libraries
  * Marlo Welshons (
  * Timothy Cronin (

- Vice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs
  * Jeremy Hernandez (
  * Cynthia Murdoch (

Electronic Publishing Tips and Tricks

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This is a new category where you will find helpful information on a variety topics like writing for the Web, or how to overcome problems with the latest release of a browser, or how to avoid making your mass e-mail look like spam. Stay tuned.