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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.

January 2010 Archives

Events Calendar Unit Key Contacts - Updated 1-28-10

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Below is the list of units that have submitted Events Calendar Unit Agreement forms and the key contacts:

- Academic Health Center (AHC) [Includes Med School, Vet Med, Nursing, and Dentistry]
  * Brent Engebretson (
  * Jacob Portnoy (

- Alumni Association
  * Chris Coughlan-Smith (
  * Anne Summangil (

- Athletics
  * Jenna Mohs (
  * Kileigh Carpenter (

- Carlson School of Management
  * Cherie Christ (
  * Kathleen McGee (

  * Honey VanderVenter (
  * Holly Klinger (

- College of Biological Sciences (CBS)
  * Sue Martinez (
  * Katie Hoffman (

- College of Continuing Education (CCE)
  * Jennifer Herold (
  * Liz Turchin (

- College of Design (CDes)
  * Laura Weber (
  * Lori Mollberg (

- College of Education and Human Development (CEHD)
  * Jeff Abuzzahab (
  * Nathan Kopka (

- College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
  * Karen Swoverland (
  * Dan Kunitz (

- College of Pharmacy (PHARM)
  * Amy L. Olson (
  * Amy Leslie (

- Human Resources (OHR)
  * Wendy Volkman (
  * Caryn Lantz (

- Humphrey Institute (HHH)
  * Julie Lund (
  * Anne Mason (

- Institute of Technology (IT)
  * Peter Riemenschneider (
  * Rhonda Zurn (

- Law School (LAW)
  * Cynthia Huff (
  * Monica Wittstock (

- Office for Equity and Diversity (OED)
  * Naomi Farabee (
  * Barb Chapin (

- Office for Student Affairs (OSA)
  * Carol Bjorklund (
  * Amelious Whyte (

- Office of Information Technology (OIT)
  * KT Cragg (
  * Ben Neeser (

- Office of International Programs (OIP)
  * Jennifer Schulz (
  * Antonia Lortis (

- Office of the VP for Research (OVPR)
  * John Merritt (
  * Amy Danielson (

- Office of the VP for Statewide Strategic Resource Development
  * Julie Bodurtha (
  * Lori Chapman (

- Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE)
  * Jake LaSota (
  * Pamela Baker (

- School of Public Health (SPH)
  * Mark Engebretson (
  * Barb Cook (

- Student Unions (SUA)
  * Zach Johnson (
  * Collette Litzinger (

- System Academic Administration (SAA)
  * Peggy Rader (
  * Kris Layon (

- The Graduate School (GRAD)
  * Gayla Marty (
  * Marci Freundschuh (

- University Libraries (UL)
  * Marlo Welshons (
  * Timothy Cronin (

- Vice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs (VPFAA)
  * Jeremy Hernandez (
  * Cynthia Murdoch (

Updated mass email templates available

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The mass email templates have been updated to include some additional files, additional language, and a spelling change. As always, the templates are available via

The changes:

  • Added header solid and gradiated header graphics for each campus (GIFs).
  • Added descriptive text and link to mass email privacy statement in all HTML and text template files (
  • Switched the contact email address in this file to
  • Change "e-mail" to "email" in "README - E-mail templates.txt" and all template files.

Electronic Communications policy presentations

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Highlights of what is covered in the new Electronic Communications policy, including social networking, mass email, audio, and video, will be presented on Monday, January 25 at 2:00 in 402 Walter Library. This presentation will be available on UMConnect. The recorded version will be available on the eCommunication site a day or so after the presentation.

Another presentation will be held on Tuesday, February 2 at 10:30 in 402 Walter Library.

Both presentations will cover the same material. A handout covering the main points of the policy will be available. Questions and comments are welcome. Any changes to the policy will be carefully considered as a result of the comments and questions we receive at these presentations.

Next MEUG meeting is Friday, January 29

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The next Mass Email User Group (MEUG) meeting is Friday, January 29 from 9-10:30 in Morrill Hall 238A.

Our next meeting will be a roundup of end and beginning of the calendar year items. From holiday e-cards to annual giving, the second half of December is an incredibly busy time for both sending and receiving.

* Who did what?
* What benefits of more targeted blasts have been realized?
* What worked? What didn't?
* Should senders at the U coordinate large blasts to avoid overlap?

We'll be looking at several holiday e-cards that went out, and some of the senders may be present to discuss the what and why of their particular blasts.

Note: If you sent out an e-card and haven't been asked about it, please send me an email off-list. We'd like to include everything we can.

For beginning of the year communications, we'll discuss what colleges and other units are sending out. The beginning of any term can be busy centrally, but what are you sending to your audiences, and why?

If you're interested in attending remotely, please send us an email at so we can reserve enough spots on the conference call. Audio is available only through the call. Call 612-625-2003 and ask for the Mass Email User Group call. Screen sharing is available using UMConnect. Visit