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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.

Social Networking Icons and Profile Graphics

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Looking for some design help for your unit's profile image? Download social networking profile artwork from the Images Library. These 200-pixel square icons allow you to visually show your unit's affiliation with the University. Text space in the icon allows you to add a short title. Remember, you should always use "University of Minnesota" as part of the name of your unit's profile when there's room, or "UMN" when you need a shorter name. Here's an example of how the College of Pharmacy used the profile icon across their social networking sites to tie them together:

College of Pharmacy on Facebook
College of Pharmacy on Twitter
College of Pharmacy on YouTube

The University has also made an agreement with Komodomedia to use their pack of over 100 social networking icons. These icons can be placed on your sites to help your visitors quickly see and connect to your official social networking pages. Two sizes are available (16 pixel and 32 pixel) and the icon choices range from Facebook to Skype to Stumble Upon and everything in between. The icon pack can be downloaded here.

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