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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.

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UMContent Quick Start Guide

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Sarah Bjorkman from University of Minnesota Extension graciously volunteered this UMContent Process Documentation which she created. I thought it was a great tool and wanted to share it with you. Hope you find it helpful for working with UMContent.

If you have any documents, training guides, or other which you would like to share, please send them to

Next MEUG meeting is Tuesday, March 23

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Due to a rather busy month we haven't been able to track down anyone to speak at the next Mass Email User Group meeting, and don't have time to prepare anything in house.

Instead of canceling the meeting, let's take this opportunity to let those of who attend pick your topics and facilitate discussion of your topic at the meeting. It doesn't have to be strictly discussion, you might take the opportunity to present your work and seek feedback. Let the group know your proposed topic. Topics can be technical or non-technical.

The meeting is Tuesday, March 23 from 12:45-1:45 p.m. (shorter and starting 15 minutes earlier) in Morrill Hall 238A.

We'll bring coffee, cake, a laptop, get the projector going, and make sure we start and end on time.

If you're interested in attending the free-for-all remotely (conference call and UMConnect), please let know.

4 Ways To Monitor Your Facebook Page Traffic

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This looks like a very promising article. We haven't tried the new WebTrends yet but I hope to dig deeper into this.

Enjoy the article - 4 Ways to Monitor Your Facebook Page Traffic.

P.S. The website looks pretty decent on first glance too.

Blizzard of stats

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I admit. I love these kinds of videos. I particularly enjoy the global views as they really put the United States in perspective with the rest of the world.

Social Networks by Country.

Hope you enjoy the "animated avalanche" of statistics in this well-produced and worth- sharing video.

Social Networking Survey

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In conjunction with upcoming policy revisions related to electronic communications, University Relations is continuing to work on social networking guidelines that we hope will be helpful for units that want to make official pages for their unit or program.

Some of the things we plan to address include if and when to use social networking, how or if you should monitor comments, how to appropriately brand your social networking profile, how to combine social networking with your current promotional efforts, and balancing the time it takes to manage a social networking page or site.

We'd like to know a few things from University communicators to help us shape these guidelines. Please take a few minutes to respond to this short survey before Monday, March 15.

Policy reminder

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University Relations would like to remind you about the Use of Trademarks Logos, Colors, and Seal policy and highlight tools and resources to help you achieve your communications objectives within the brand policy.

Thanks to your efforts, many of the University's campuses, colleges, and units are already compliant with the policy requirements. The University is collectively creating more consistent communications, resulting in cost savings and a stronger reputation. For those who have yet to make the transition, please note print and electronic communications materials, including web sites, are expected to meet the standards by December 2010.


- - Find whatever information you need about the brand policy at this site. The most notable aspects are:

   * The required use of the wordmark and maroon and gold

   * All web sites are to use official headers and footers

   * Individual logos and taglines to be phased out or repurposed as graphic elements or headlines/themes, respectively

- Secondary color palette - In response to requests for colors that compliment maroon and gold, University Relations has developed secondary colors that work well with the University's primary colors. Feel free to use these as inspiration! For print and for electronic.

- Updated Images Library - An assortment of new photos have been added to the Images Library, including shots of students interacting, the St. Paul gardens and seasonal campus images.

- Social networking - Icons for official University business conducted through social networking are now available on the Images Library. As you might recall, the University's social networking guidelines were released in December. They outline basic usage tips, best practices and related policies.

In addition to social networking guidelines, University Relations is updating the policy related to specific electronic communications tactics. For more information, visit

If you are interested in attending a workshop on how to implement the brand policy or related standards in your unit, please contact Drew Swain at

As always, University Relations is available to consult on the policy specifics, help with developing your wordmark/unit combinations, advise on transitioning to the web header/footer and answer any other questions you may have. Contact and a staff member will respond to you shortly.


Ann K. Aronson
Asst. Vice President
University Relations
100 Church Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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