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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.

Content store update

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Work is progressing on the content store project. An announcement and set of questions was sent in July to approximately 100 communicators and web developers throughout the University, and using responses from various groups, University Relations is working on business and technical requirements for the project. Thank you to all who responded.

As we'd thought, there isn't a great deal of standardization in content fields or metadata currently in use, certainly not between the colleges and other units, and responses to the questionnaire confirmed this. As we develop our requirements, we're seeking to keep the content store both generic enough to allow for any unit to use the content store for its own needs while simultaneously laying out recommendations on items such as image sizes, title length, etc. to better support the repurposing of content.

A few tidbits from the requirements in progress.

  • There are three generic content types:
    • Main content, for stories, news releases, general announcements, etc.
    • Spotlights, for image and/or text-based promotions (i.e. "Sign up for TXT-U").
    • Multimedia content, supporting audio, video and slideshows, leveraging MediaMill for audio and video.
  • A University-wide taxonomy for audience will be defined.
  • A University-wide taxonomy for topics will be defined.

We expect that the audience and topic taxonomies will be fairly high-level to allow for general. As the project calls for implementation in UMContent, additional metadata fields in UMContent may be requested from the Office of Information Technology to support the organizational needs of individual colleges and other units. We plan to have requirements finalized and these high-level taxonomies defined around the Labor Day weekend.

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