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Our Brand: How to Convey It

Our Brand: How to Convey It.

Making "Because" yours

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You've probably seen it online or on television but now Because is yours! The campaign standards have been posted on the Our Brand site.

Here you'll find the usual tools (graphics, guidelines, examples, etc.) for crafting the campaign to fit your unit, but the most important takeaway is how to properly capture the tone and intent of Because.

At its core, the Because campaign draws in audiences by answering the question, "Why the University of Minnesota?" Why should people believe in us and support us? And it's up to you to answer those questions through Because statements.

Think big and forward-looking here. Like an inspiration-filled line from a speech by your favorite politician (if any of us still have one these days), a Because statement should evoke the highest of what is achievable. For instance, the University is driven to discover "Because damaged hearts and lungs must be mended." Or "Because creativity fuels the new economy." The possibilities are endless but just be sure to keep the guidelines in mind.

A unique aspect of this campaign is that University units can request, at no cost, an actual 3D Because model for use in their promotional efforts. Whether a large-scale event or photo shoot, you can add Because in another dimension to your promotions.

Sometimes there is confusion between Driven to Discover and Because. It is important to remember that Driven to Discover is the University's official brand now and into the future. Because does not replace it. The Because campaign is a continuation of that brand and a chance to further explore how and why the University is Driven to Discover.

Finally, have fun with Because (within the standards of course!). Make it yours and unique to your department, staff, students, professors or whatever helps convey the ways your units engages in discovery!

If you have any questions or thoughts about using the Because campaign for your unit, contact me at or 5-8962.

Happy New Year!

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