August 4, 2005


I'm setting up my blog for the first time today. I am sitting in the "Get in the Game" mentor session with Eric Henderson, Tex Ostvig, and Chris. There are 9 high school students of color from Minneapolis who are learning about leadership and getting into college. They are filling out a spreadsheet which they will be guided to put into Portfolio with goals and action plans. I think the ability to put the artifacts of this program in Portfolio is particularly strong and useful. I feel good about our ability to anticipate their technology needs an supply these students with access to information about how to use technology as well as the technology itself. It is quite apparent that many of them already know how to find music and games as it has been a struggle to keep a couple of them focused. I've got a meeting to run to, so I'll close this out and bid my farewells.

Posted by branj002 at 11:13 AM