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Facebook Privacy Policy Update

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On March 22nd Facebook ended the user comment stage on the upcoming update to its privacy policy.

The update is set to include more clear language regarding use of the Facebook application on mobile phones and the ability to let users know when products they have downloaded through Facebook need an update.

Facebook recently warned employers not to ask prospective employees for their passwords, reported the Associated Press.

This statement drew criticism from users in Germany, reported Emil Protalinski of ZDNet.

The update has no official release date, said the Facebook Site Governance.

Masami Matsuda Dies at 89

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Masami Matsuda, the gardener who designed the Japanese garden in St. Paul's Como Park, died in February at 89.

A Buddhist ceremony will be held this week in Nagasaki to mark the 49th day after his death, JoAnn Blatchley told the Startribune.

This week in Nagasaki a ceremony will be held in honor of the 49th day after his death,

The garden was created as part of the first sister-city relationship established between Japan and the United States after World War II, the Startribune reported.

Rabbi Moshe Hager, Leader Of Viznitz Hasidim, Dies

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Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Hager, leader of the orthadox sect Viznitz Hasidim, died March 14 at 95.

He had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease, Alexander Rapaport told The New York Times.

Rabbi Hager participated in Israeli politics by discouraging the view that the Jews of Israel are entitled to the West Bank.

Rabbi Hager served as the leader of Viznitz since 1972, reported Haaretz.

The Mr. Behind Mr. Coffee Dies

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Samuel Glazer, co-founder of the company that brought the world the automatic drip coffee machine, died on March 12 at 89.

He died from complications from leukemia, his wife, Jeanne told The New York Times.

Glazer served in the Army in World War II and afterwards started the precursor to Mr. Coffee, a garage door business, with Mr. Coffee co-founder Vincent Marotta.

Glazer's and Marotta's company North American Systems sold in 1987 for $182 million, reported the Associated Press.

John Cowles Jr.,a Minneapolis newspaper owner and philanthropist died in his home in Minneapolis on March 17.

He died at 82 and had lung cancer, his son Jay Cowles told The Washington Post.

Cowles Jr. helped form Minneapolis into the city it is today by helping fund projects like the Metrodome and merging The Star and The Tribune into the Star Tribune.

As strong supporter of the art institutions in Minneapolis he helped raise $2.2 million to open the Guthrie Theater in 1963 with a production of "Hamlet," The New York Times reported.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak described Cowles Jr. as one of the most important civic figures in the last 50 years, reported the Star Tribune.

Instagram announces large surge in users

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Popular i-phone application Instagram has almost doubled its users since December of last year founder Kevin Systrom proclaimed Sunday at South by Southwest in Austin Texas.

After launching two years ago Instagram now holds 27 million users, up from 15 million last December reported Bianca Bosker of the Huffington Post.

Apple named Instagram the top application of the year in 2011, Systrom said this led to a jump in users reported Hayley Tsukayama of the Washington Post.

In addition to the boost in users Systrom displayed the Instagram application they will soon release for Android phones reported Kim-Mai Cutler of TechCrunch.

Cutler reported that the new Android application was only briefly shown on stage and the company was not ready to show off the application in full yet.

President of the University of Minnesota Eric Kaler suggested during his first state of the university address that a year-round academic calendar should be considered.

According to Mila Koumpilova of the Pioneer Press, Kaler also plans give all University employees a 2.5 percent raise.

Kaler proposed the year-round academic calendar will allow students to graduate sooner and increase the yearly revenue of tuition reported the Pioneer Press.

Skeptics of the switch site faculty numbers and students ability to make money at jobs over the summer as shortfalls to the idea reported Dina Elrashidy of the Minnesota Daily.

Hannah Smiltneek, a undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, told the Pioneer Press that year-round schooling would make it more challenging to get to know staff in a three year plan.

Obama praises his bailout of the auto industry

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Amid the republican primary in Michigan on February 28th, President Obama praised his administrations bailout of the auto industry at the United Auto Workers Conference.

A crowd of 1,600 people gathered at the conference to hear Obama speak said David Nakamura of the Washington Post.

The president took the opportunity to slam Mitt Romney for the Op-Ed article he wrote titled "Let Detriot Go Backrupt", saying if things were handled how Romney wanted Detroit would be worse off today reported Helene Cooper of the New York Times.

Crowd members booed when the president brought up the article reported the New York Times.

These allegations do not come unsupported. Sales of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler could reach over 14 million this year, above 2011 sales of 12.8 million, reported the Associated Press.

Hip-hop takes the stage at Nobel Peace Prize Forum

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The annual Nobel Peace Prize forum held at Augsburg College highlighted local hip-hop artist Dessa on Friday March 2nd.

Dessa started her segment by conveying the powerful influence leaders in the Twin Cities hip-hop community have on community service reported Erik Thompson of City Pages.

Talking points consisted of homophobia, sexism and violence in hip-hop lyrics reported City Pages.

Coming from a musician who refuses to use or work with anyone who uses three slurs against women, gays or blacks said WCCO.

Dessa proclaimed that rappers do not have a different moral code than any other citizen and their ability as performers should not interfere with their morals said City Pages.

Sarkozy threatens tougher immigration laws

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President Nicolas Sarkozy called for France to end its support of Europe's Schengen visa free zone Sunday if the European Union does not control the access illegal immigrants have to the area.

Sarkozy's pledge on the hot-button theme of immigration came in a speech to thousands of supporters at a campaign rally, reported Jamey Keaten of the Associated Press.

This threat to illegal immigrants came after Sarkozy said France had too many foreigners reported RTÉ News.

Sarkozy blames poor boarder controls of other countries for illegal immigrants that later find their way to France reports RTÉ.

According to the Associated Press, The EU's executive commission will submit in May a report on the functioning of the Schengen system.

Sarkozy told the crowd that in the next 12 months if there is no progress on illegal immigration into Schengen France would drop out as a nation of the district reported RTÉ.

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