Sarkozy threatens tougher immigration laws

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President Nicolas Sarkozy called for France to end its support of Europe's Schengen visa free zone Sunday if the European Union does not control the access illegal immigrants have to the area.

Sarkozy's pledge on the hot-button theme of immigration came in a speech to thousands of supporters at a campaign rally, reported Jamey Keaten of the Associated Press.

This threat to illegal immigrants came after Sarkozy said France had too many foreigners reported RTÉ News.

Sarkozy blames poor boarder controls of other countries for illegal immigrants that later find their way to France reports RTÉ.

According to the Associated Press, The EU's executive commission will submit in May a report on the functioning of the Schengen system.

Sarkozy told the crowd that in the next 12 months if there is no progress on illegal immigration into Schengen France would drop out as a nation of the district reported RTÉ.

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