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UN To Deploy Observers To Syria

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Officials on The United Nations Security Council agreed to increase U.N. observers to 300 on Saturday in order to watch over the cease-fire.

CBS reported that this increase adds 270 observers to the 30 already in Syria, marking a drastic action by The United Nations Security Council.

Some believe that the Syrian government are not the only ones breaking the cease-fire.

Freelance journalist Lizzie Phelan told PressTV, "It is not the Syrian government that is violating the resolution or the ceasefire, but it is the insurgents and the NATO powers that are violating the ceasefire."

Irish Village Embraces Titanic's Sinking

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Sunday residents of two Irish perishes started a week-long list of events commemorating their loss of 11 villagers in the sinking of the Titanic. reported the festivities are to include retracing the ticket purchase of the lost villagers at Linenhall Street and Main Street in Castlebar.

Population losses to emigration have not stopped for the perish of Addergoole in recent times. Addergoole lost at least 50 men and women over the last year to emegration, reported The New York Times.

Starbucks Looking To Expand Chinese Market

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The coffee giant Starbucks Corp. intends to triple the number of shops and employees by 2015 the company reported at the Boao Forum for Asia on Sunday.

MarketWatch reported that Starbucks Corp. plans to expand it's current 500 stores to over 1,500 over the next three years.

This announcement comes on the heels of news of the coffee market growing in China. Bloomberg News reported China's coffee shop market is forecast to surge 55 percent to $714 million in 2015, according to data from Euromonitor International.

Rabbi Moshe Hager, Leader Of Viznitz Hasidim, Dies

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Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Hager, leader of the orthadox sect Viznitz Hasidim, died March 14 at 95.

He had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease, Alexander Rapaport told The New York Times.

Rabbi Hager participated in Israeli politics by discouraging the view that the Jews of Israel are entitled to the West Bank.

Rabbi Hager served as the leader of Viznitz since 1972, reported Haaretz.

Sarkozy threatens tougher immigration laws

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President Nicolas Sarkozy called for France to end its support of Europe's Schengen visa free zone Sunday if the European Union does not control the access illegal immigrants have to the area.

Sarkozy's pledge on the hot-button theme of immigration came in a speech to thousands of supporters at a campaign rally, reported Jamey Keaten of the Associated Press.

This threat to illegal immigrants came after Sarkozy said France had too many foreigners reported RTÉ News.

Sarkozy blames poor boarder controls of other countries for illegal immigrants that later find their way to France reports RTÉ.

According to the Associated Press, The EU's executive commission will submit in May a report on the functioning of the Schengen system.

Sarkozy told the crowd that in the next 12 months if there is no progress on illegal immigration into Schengen France would drop out as a nation of the district reported RTÉ.

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