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Hulu Boosts Arsenal

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Hulu announced Tuesday that they will add 7 new shows to its service and tweak its advertising policy.

TechCrunch reported
the shows being added are "Battleground," "Up to Speed," "A Day in the Life," "We Got Next," "The Awesomes," "Don't Quit Your Daydream," and "Flow."

Chris Marlowe, of Digital Media Wire, noted that two of the shows are still under development and this announcement is being used to gain advertising revenue to finish the projects.

Mike Wallace Dead At 93

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Mike Wallace, Anchor of CBS' 60 Minutes, died Saturday in a New Canaan Connecticut care facility.

His accomplishments included leading 60 Minutes to 23 seasons in Nielsen's annual ranking of 10 most popular programs, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Jeff Fager, CBS News chairman and producer who worked with Wallace, told The Associated Press Sunday, "He loved being Mike Wallace. He loved the fact that if he showed up for an interview, it made people nervous."

Apple Deals With Second Lawsuit Over Siri

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A new lawsuit has been filed against Apple on March 27 in California for its depiction of the capabilities of Siri.

David Jones, a iPhone 4S owner, filed suit against Apple over false and deceptive representation of the features that Siri provides in Apple's television commercials, reported AppleInsider.

Jones seeks financial relief and damages for himself and other iPhone 4S owners, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Facebook Privacy Policy Update

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On March 22nd Facebook ended the user comment stage on the upcoming update to its privacy policy.

The update is set to include more clear language regarding use of the Facebook application on mobile phones and the ability to let users know when products they have downloaded through Facebook need an update.

Facebook recently warned employers not to ask prospective employees for their passwords, reported the Associated Press.

This statement drew criticism from users in Germany, reported Emil Protalinski of ZDNet.

The update has no official release date, said the Facebook Site Governance.

Instagram announces large surge in users

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Popular i-phone application Instagram has almost doubled its users since December of last year founder Kevin Systrom proclaimed Sunday at South by Southwest in Austin Texas.

After launching two years ago Instagram now holds 27 million users, up from 15 million last December reported Bianca Bosker of the Huffington Post.

Apple named Instagram the top application of the year in 2011, Systrom said this led to a jump in users reported Hayley Tsukayama of the Washington Post.

In addition to the boost in users Systrom displayed the Instagram application they will soon release for Android phones reported Kim-Mai Cutler of TechCrunch.

Cutler reported that the new Android application was only briefly shown on stage and the company was not ready to show off the application in full yet.

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