March 30, 2006

keep it in the family

My bro asked me to design the cover of his latest score. He's a grad student in composition, and he's been working on this piece since October. I naturally obliged... here she be:

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March 3, 2006

surveying what else is out there.

I've been checking out some other guest artist series' logos and designs to cather some extra insight.

Indian Hill Music logo

This one is horr!d

I like the typography here.

This image is really strong, I like the silhouette

Puget Sound

Wheaton Conservatory of Music This site plays music as soon as you open its link. It scared me the first time so I thought I'd warn you. Kinda funny how the "M" in "Conservatory of Music" is the same typography as the UMD's Music Department. Hmmm... that's fishy... . .. .

February 27, 2006

my article link

"Illustration: Graphic Design's Poor Relation" by Laurie Rosenwald.

I had a vision

the green figure... I like it... neat-o

I think with this inspiration, I could stick to a simpler format, possibly alter the text to flow into figures similar to this one.

February 22, 2006

a little somethin

I was thinking about the word "blog" a few minutes ago. I realized the more I say it, and see the word written, I really don't like it. Weird. For a tish of irony, I thought I'd BLOG. . . .

This poster's image and text are completely irrelevant to one another, being an ad for a band, however the graphic still leads your eye to the text successfully by using positive and negative space. I also like the color scheme (hot pink, yellow, and cyan) it's a nice variation to they typical primary colors.

I found a poster that caught my eye just because it's so ugly!! I hate the way all the colors come together overall, as a composition. Plus, I cannot even make out what's going on in the center. That makes it kinda uncomfortable for me, or any viewer for that matter... here, look...

I think I would like this poster better if it was cropped an inch on the left side. I like the brown hue a lot, esp with the paper color, but the black on the bottom makes the composition feel heavy.


February 13, 2006


Click Me

That's my poster. Catch her in action on the walls of Cina and SBE.


I hate Mondays. And waking up. I was a lil late this morning, but better later than never... I began my Monday am with a little Iron&Wine softly playing from my eMac, three glasses of water, and a spritz of peach body spray. I think I'm off to a good start thus far. If I were driving right now, I'd give two honks for that-beep beeeeeeep-

I found a gig poster for Beck in class today. It captures his hot rockstar stance. Give him a click. The graphic is so accurate and that makes it successful. The site it's located on is really cool too, it has just about every band you can conjur up and their promotional posters.

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February 6, 2006

ch-check it out


I like the main graphic, and how the face turns into the concert, all sorts of body parts coming out of his head. I get the feeling that the designer has been to a few concerts before and knowshow to see a good show, the crowd has got to be PACKED and WiLD and usually, you can't distingish your arm in the air from the person's next to you. Cra-zee. . . . . . .

film series poster

Our first assignment in this class was to design posters for the film festival going on here at school through the foreign languages department. I made a poster for the British film "The Cook The Theif His Wife and her Lover".