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a little somethin

I was thinking about the word "blog" a few minutes ago. I realized the more I say it, and see the word written, I really don't like it. Weird. For a tish of irony, I thought I'd BLOG. . . .

This poster's image and text are completely irrelevant to one another, being an ad for a band, however the graphic still leads your eye to the text successfully by using positive and negative space. I also like the color scheme (hot pink, yellow, and cyan) it's a nice variation to they typical primary colors.

I found a poster that caught my eye just because it's so ugly!! I hate the way all the colors come together overall, as a composition. Plus, I cannot even make out what's going on in the center. That makes it kinda uncomfortable for me, or any viewer for that matter... here, look...

I think I would like this poster better if it was cropped an inch on the left side. I like the brown hue a lot, esp with the paper color, but the black on the bottom makes the composition feel heavy.