Computer Reporting Analysis

I did a story from entitled, 'Failures in electronic record systems may pose danger to patients." It was basically a short little blurb about how Food and Drug Administration finding failures in electronic medical record systems that actually may have caused death or serious injury to patients. I am not really sure how the reporter used computer assisted reporting, I assume he just had to look through all the records and some of the hospitals systems to figure out how they work. Actually I am not really sure how you could possibly not use computer-assisted reporting with anything. You are always going to have to use a computer to do background research for a story, for example I have to use it to get into the MN legislative library and pull out the legislation for alcohol use at TCF Bank Stadium, and to do other various background research on the topic. I guess I just don't realy understand what this analysis is asking me to do.

American Expatriates Giving Up Citizenship for Lower Taxes

The Federal Register reports that more American expatriates are giving up their U.S. Citizenship or permanent residency status because of frustration over taxes and banking problems, the New York Times said.
The government publication that records this stuff shows that 502 expatriates gave up their citizenship in the last quarter of 2009, however, this is a small part of the 5.2 million American expatriates the State Department estimates live abroad.
A Chicago native living in Melbourne, Australia told Time that he loves his country and did not make the decision lightly of happily, but he felt he had no other choice. He was granted citizenship in Australia two years ago.
Cutting ties with America is an irrevocable action, and many expatriate advocate groups are encouraging citizens abroad to do so.

Financial Overhaul Bill Near Passage

Democrats and Republicans appear to be working together and closing in on finishing a bill that would overhaul America's financial regulatory system. The ranking senator on the banking committee said they were "very close" to agreeing on important pieces of the legislation, the New York Times said.
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd told NBC's "Meet the Press" that they were continuing talks through the weekend on the legislation. The bill would essentially prevent future taxpayer bailouts of financial firms, Reuters said.
Republicans are expected to block the bill unless they can reach an agreement by then. Democrats say that if Republicans block the bill on Monday, it will just delay the legislation rather than kill it. Democrats need at least one Republican to vote for the bill so they can get the required 60 votes needed to start debate.

6 Dead in Head-On Crash; Alcohol May Be Involved

A total of 6 people were killed Sunday morning when a car filled with teenagers and smelling of alcohol hit an SUV head on, the Star Tribune said.
A 16-year-old Isanti girl was behind the wheel of the car and is in serious condition at the Hennepin County Medical Center. The girl had received her license less than three weeks prior to the accident. Lt. Eric Roeske told Kare 11 News that she was the only survivor.
Roeske said the car was a 1998 Grand Am and it hit a 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada which burst into flames upon impact. The two people that were in the SUV were killed, but police say they have not been able to identify them due to the fire.
The Pontiac was carrying a 17-year-old boy from Cambridge who was not wearing a seat belt, a 15-year-old girl who also was not wearing a seat belt, and another 16-year-old boy who was not wearing a seat belt. All are dead. Police say that is was illegal for the girl to be driving the car that late at night, and that she had an illegal amount of people in the car as well.

Woman Killed, Husband Wounded in St. Paul Robbery

A St. Paul woman was fatally shot and her husband shot and wounded in a robbery Sunday morning, the Star Tribune said. The 27-year old husband was admitted to Regions Hospital with a leg wound and is expected to survive.
Police received a 911 call about the robbery, and found the woman dead inside upon arrival, Kare 11 said.
No arrests have been made and the police do not know of any suspects. Investigators are still trying to figure out what the motive for the crime was.

Two Top-Level Al-Qaida Leaders Killed in Raid

According to U.S. and Iraqi officials, two leaders of the al-Qaida movement were killed in an air strike on Saturday, UPI said.
The top commander of U.S. troops in Iraq, Gen. Ray Odierno, issued a statement identifying the dead as Abu Ayyub al-Masri, the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, and Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, believed to have led al-Qaida's Iraqi affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq. The two bodies were found dead in a ditch.
The death of al-Masri could cause havoc in a connection between the leaders of al-Qaida and the radical Sunni Muslim group, however, the Miami Herald says the identity of al-Baghdadi is not 100 percent clear.
If his identity is confirmed, the deaths of these two men, Vice President Joe Biden said they are, "potentially devastating blows," but also important to Biden, "is this action demonstrates the improved security, strength and capacity of Iraqi security forces." Biden is quoted as saying that the Iraqi army led the operation.
An American soldier was killed during the operation and three others were injured when their helicopter crashed during the raid. The U.S. military stated that the aircraft was not brought down by enemy fire, and it is investigating the cause of the crash, the Miami Herald said.

Flyers Beat Devils in First Round of Playoffs

Daniel Carcillo, usually regarded as not much more than a fighter, scored a huge overtime goal Sunday night to lift the Philadelphia Flyers over the New Jersey Devils in overtime, the Associated Press said. The goal was set up by Mike Richards at the right post before passing it across the crease to Carcillo, leaving the net wide open on the left side for the winning goal, the NHL said.
"I'm still kind of shaking," Carcillo said. "It was huge. It was awesome. Everybody dreams of a goal like that."
Former Minnesota Wild player Brian Rolston scored a power-play goal in the second period from a feed from Kovalchuck and tied the game.
The Flyers lead the series 2-1, and will play the Devils again Tuesday night

Security Tightens in Bangkok Before Protest

The Thai military has placed about 1,500 troops along a Bangkok road where a protest is expected to take place on Monday morning, CNN said. The protesters are demanding that the prime minister dissolve the government, have new elections, and leave the country so that they can form a democracy.
The protesters are group of people called, "Red Shirts," led by Nattawut Saikua, who announced that the group will hold a protest on Tuesday near the road. The group is named after their red clothing. The road which will be the location of the protest is where offices of some of Thailand's largest companies are located. It is considered a financial center.
The troops are "vowing to punish protesters if they march there," reaffirm fears of more violence. Last week 24 people died in clashes with the government, Reuters said

Toyota to pay $16 Million Dollar Fine

Toyota is expected to pay over $16 million dollars in government penalty fees, the Star Tribune said. The fine, which is the largest government penalty ever issued to a car manufacturer, was issued after Toyota waited four months before informing the government of sticking gas pedals. The US Department of Transportation said it was going for the maximum civil penalty of $16.375 million dollars earlier this month, My Sinchew said. The Japanese auto giant declined to report what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration called, " dangerous stick pedal defect...despite knowing the potential risk to consumers."
Toyota has recalled over 8 million cars worldwide, for several different defects.

Coon Rapids Marine Found Dead in Barracks

A 20-year-old marine from Coon Rapids was found dead in his barracks Wednesday, Kare11 said. The marines have identified the man as Lance Cpl. Daniel W. Sweeney. He was found in his barracks in North Carolina, where he was assigned as an AV-8B aircraft mechanic, the Star Tribune said. He had been in the marines for 19 months. His death is under investigation.