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Tiger Woods Press Conference

I actually watched this entire press conference before reading the news story written about it so I assume that would count as, "getting the press release." The news report that I chose to analyze is a story done by MTV news, who obtained remarks from a PR professional for their own analysis. I think for the purposes of this story, the reporter had the advantage of assuming that many people had already watched the press conference, and so it was was interesting to me that the story revolved almost entirely around whether or not the PR professional thought that Tiger "did the right things" at the press conference.
The story spend a very brief amount of time on the things Tiger actually said, and it was very compressed. There was a short paragraph that said, first apologized, addressed the most pressing questions, acknowledged his affairs, and had harsh words for the media. For the most part, this is correct, but if you weren't one of those people that watched the press conference, you wouldn't really have any idea of what exactly Tiger said (there were one or maybe two direct quotes). I think in this case, MTV News did a perfectly fine job by just putting an expert opinion on the record and analyzing the things Tiger said and how he said it, because if they are correct in assuming that most people had watched it (which I believe they are) then just writing a hard news story about what was said would not attract many readers.
You can watch the press conference in it's entirety here

Man Shot Multiple Times in Minneapolis

Police found a man lying on the ground who was shot multiple times and suffered life-threatening injuries early Sunday morning, the Star Tribune said. He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center where doctors say he has had multiple surgeries.
The man's identity is unknown at this point.
The Star Tribune said that a fight started in the entryway and eventually led to the shooting.
My Fox 9 said that no one has been arrested and police are investigating the incident.

Two Kids Shot On a Minneapolis Bus

Two boys are recovering and in serious condition after a man opened fire on a Metro Transit bus Saturday night, hitting both of them, Kare 11 said.
The Associated Press said that about 6 shots were fired around 10:35pm, and there were 10-12 people on the bus. The boys were both taken to North Memorial Medical Center where they are expected to full recover, as their injuries are not being described as life-threatening.
A woman on the bus told Kare 11 that the man opened fire on the bus while it was still moving and ran out as soon as the bus stopped.

Barack Obama Should Quit Smoking, Doctors Say

Barack Obama's team of doctors concluded Sunday that the president is in perfect health, and the only things he could improve upon would be to quit smoking, eat better, and lower his cholesterol, the Associated Press reported.
Doctors say his cholesterol levels have crept up to bordering high, and he just alter his diet in order to lower them.
When Obama started the 2008 presidential campaign, he promised Michelle Obama he would quit smoking, but has recently told reporters he still smokes an occasional cigarette, Guardian said.
Doctors said that Obama does not have to return for another check-up until 2012.

Team Canada Apologizes for On-Ice Celebration

The Canadian women's hockey team started a fire of controversy Thursday night after winning the gold medal by taking their celebration onto the ice. After the arena cleared out the women returned to the ice to smoke cigars, and drink champagne and beer.
The New York Times said that the team was apparently unaware that there was a photographer from the Associated Press still around to photograph the festivities.
Review St. Louis said that the Associated Press reached the head of the International Olympic Committee for comment, in which he stated that, "It is not what we want to see. I don't think it's a good promotion of sport values. If they celebrate in the changing room, that's one thing, but not in public." The IOC also stated that they were going to investigate celebration.
Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the celebration were photos released of Canadian star Marie-Philip Poulin, 18, drinking under-age (the legal drinking age in Canada is 19). Other photos included players pouring champagne into each others mouths, and even trying to drive the Zamboni around.
Late Thursday, the team issued a formal apology, stating they were sorry if their celebrations offended anyone and that they were caught up in the heat of the moment, the New York Times said. After the formal apology, it seems that the IOC dropped the investigation, Review St. Louis said.

Roadside Bomb Hits Coach Bus, Kills 11

The Taliban claims to be behind a roadside bomb that hit a coach bus and killed 11 civilians in Afghanistan Sunday, Yahoo News said.
The attack occurred in the Nazwad District of Afghanistan's southern province of Helmand, the provincial administration said.
On Feb 13, thousands of US, NATO, and Afghan troops began a major offensive against the Taliban, called Mushtarak, in Helmand, Yahoo News said. BBC News said that the bomb exploded to the north of where the major offensive is taking place. The Taliban has responded to increased pressure from Afghan and foreign forces with increased bombings and suicide attacks, including a bomb placed on a bicycle that exploded on Tuesday, killing 7 civilians.
Yahoo News reported that there are about 121,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban.

Teen Stabbed in Rosedale Center Fight

A 16-year old was stabbed and is now in critical condition after a fight broke out inside of the Rosedale Center mall Saturday night, Kare 11 said.
The Roseville police said that they received a call around 8 pm Saturday night reporting 12 youths fighting inside the mall, using chairs as weapons. By the time police arrived, there were at least 20 youths engaged in the fight, Kare 11 said.
The Star Tribune said that upon arrival, police found an 18-year old with severe lacerations to his face, and later discovered the stabbing victim. The stabbing victim was able to identify his attacker before being taken to the hospital, and police later arrested a 17-year old man from St. Paul.
Kare 11 said that police have no released the names of the victims or the man who was arrested, nor do they know if the attacks were motivated or committed at random.

Team USA Shocks Canadians in a Huge Upset Over Team Canada

ESPN called it the "biggest upset in Olympic hockey since Miracle on Ice." NHL.com called it an "American Beauty." In a shocking upset over the Canadian National Team on Sunday night, Team USA pulled off a 5-3 victory on Canadian soil, their first victory over Canada since 1960. Ironically, Team USA was wearing throwback jerseys from 1960, the NHL said.
ESPN said that Brian Rafalski had two goals, Chris Drury had one goal, and Jamie Langenbrunner had one as well. The star of the game, however, was undoubtedly Team USA goalie Ryan Miller, who is perhaps the NHL's best goaltender this season, the NHL said. ESPN reported Miller made a whopping 42 saves, in "the victory of a lifetime." Team Canada was expected to coast through to the medal round, but was nearly beat by Switzerland and clearly out-played by Team USA Sunday night. They could still win a gold medal, but they must win on Tuesday and have a difficult journey ahead. Team USA is undefeated.

Missing Girl Found Alive With Dog

A 3-year-old Arizona girl that went missing Thursday was found alive early Friday morning, after spending the night with just her dog in the wilderness.
The LA Times said that Victoria Bensch is being treated for frostbite as the temperatures were in the low 30's Thursday night.
Police said that Bensch spent the night huddled against her dog, Blue, for warmth, which probably saved her life, AOL News reported.
A massive search was launched when the girl went missing, covering rough terrain surrounding Victoria's Cordes Lakes, Ariz., and ended when a helicopter pilot spotted movement below.
The girl's father, Ernest Bensch, told CBS 5 news that he would like to hold a barbecue to thank all the rescue personnel, in a video showed by AOL News.

Newborn Dies from Dog Bite

An 11 day old baby boy was bitten and killed by his family's Siberian Husky on Thursday, the Star Tribune said. Authorities said the baby was sitting in a car seat which had been placed on a bed when the 71-pound dog entered the room and bit the baby's head.
West Hennepin Public Safety Director Ray McCoy said emergency personnel exhausted all life-saving measures, Kare 11 reported.
McCoy said that the dog, whose name is Dealer, was locked in a bedroom when authorities arrived on the scene. The dog was not aggressive when it was removed from the home. The Star Tribune reported that it will be tested for rabies, and most likely killed after that.

Parapalegic Man Dies After Falling From Wheelchair

A 39-year old man who became a paraplegic after a car accident fell from his wheelchair and died Wednesday morning, the Star Tribune said.
Michael Lee Johnson of North Germany Township was found around eight am on Wednesday by his personal care attendant lying on the ground and barely breathing.
Kare 11 reported that Johnson was taken to Tri-County hospital with extreme hypothermia.
The temperature at the time of the incident was between zero and ten degrees.

Swine Flu Killed up to 17,000 Americans

While 2,498 confirmed deaths have been linked to swine flu, Health News reports that 17,000 people in America have actually been killed by the disease.
The majority of people who died were between the ages of 18 and 64, and an estimated 1,810 were age 17 or younger.
The Centers for Disease Control estimated that 36,000 Americans die from the flu during a normal season, with 90 percent of those people being over the age 65, Reuters said. Furthermore, the CDC estimates that 200,000 Americans are admitted to a hospital during a normal flu season for flu-like symptoms, with the highest percentage of them being elderly people, and people with underlying health problems.

Team USA Devours China

The final score for the opening game of the U.S. woman's hockey team in Vancouver on Sunday was a whopping 12-1, the Wall Street Journal said.
Forward Jenny Potter lead the scoring with a hat trick, followed by Meghan Duggan with two goals of her own. The Wall Street Journal reported Team USA had a total of 61 shots on goal, while Team China a meager 7 for the entire game.
The Vancouver Sun said that the total number of spectators was 5,278, including Vice President Joe Biden, and Mike Eruzione, the captain of the famous 1980 gold medal-winning men's hockey team.
China's lone goal was scored by Fengling Jin during a power play, the Vancouver Sun said. The crowd rewarded her with cheers, and Jin called scoring the goal, "an honor."

Snowmobile Accident in Stillwater

A man was airlifted to a local hospital after his snowmobile collided with a tree Saturday night, Kare 11 said.
The crash occured in on the St. Croix River in Stillwater, near the Boom Site. The injuries suffered were not life-threatning, WCCO said.
Kare 11 said that emergency crews were on the scene for nearly an hour.

Seng Her, a native of Laos, reluctantly plead guilty to smuggling protected wildlife into the United States on Thursday, the Star Tribune said.
This is not the first time that Her has been accused of bringing endangered wildlife into the country. She admitted to smuggling in the protected animals in November 2005, and November 2007. Her, says she uses the animal parts, including elephant hides, exotic birds, and buffalo bile, for medicinal purposes, as a part of her cultural traditions.
Fox 9 said that six months earlier, Her had been sent a letter from Fish and Wildlife Officials warning her that she would be prosecuted is she attempted to smuggle animals into the United States in the future.
The Star Tribune reported that Her admitted she was "legally" guilty of the crime, however, she does not necessarily believe it was wrong.



Wisconsin Woman Dies after Semi Crash

A Wisconsin woman is dead after her car rolled through the median and was struck by a semi on Interstate 90 in Winona County, Kare 11 reported.
Jessica Lin, of Brookfield, Wis. lost control of her car early Saturday while heading west and wound up in the eastbound traffic lanes when a 2007 Kenworth Semi, driven by Max Sharp of Idaho, smashed into her 2001 Honda Accord.
Today's TMJ 4 reported that Sharp was not injured in the crash.

President Karzai Contemplates Draft

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan told a summit of world leaders in Germany that he may introduce a draft in order to build an army and police force of 300,000 by 2012, the BBC reported.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the resown for the draft would be so Afghanistan may fully undertake the responsibilities of the war against the Taliban within five years.
Karzai said that several communities leaders are supportive of the draft idea.
The comments were made amid disapproval from Western leaders of the Afghan forces; they think it may take up to a decade before the Afghans are ready to assume responsibility on their own.
Their worries were made clearer on Sunday when the deputy police chief of a central Afghan province was arrested for aiding insurgents in placing roadside bombs aimed at coalition troops.
This is not the first time the idea of a draft in Afghanistan has been suggested, as a draft was used in that country until 1992, the BBC reported.

Fatalities Reported in Massive Power Plant Explosion

Five people are dead and 12 more have been injured after a massive explosion at a Connecticut power plant on Sunday morning.
Fox News reported the explosion happens at 11:17 am, blowing away three portions of the Kleen Energy Systems plant.
The deputy fire marshal on the scene reported that 50 workers were inside the building at the time it exploded.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the explosion, which occurred alongside a river, sent earthquake-like shock waves miles away. Authorities think that a gas leak might have led of the explosion, however the cause is still under investigation.

Police Dog to be Honored After Being Shot in Head

A police dog who was shot in the head during the line of duty will be honored and inducted into the Hero Animal Hall of Fame, Kare 11 reported.
Boomer, the St. Paul Police K-9 was struck in the line of duty while responding to a call of an armed robbery in April. According to the Star Tribune, Boomer was rushed to the University of Minnesota for surgery, and survived the gunshot wound.
Both Boomer, and his handler, Officer Patrick Murphy were awarded the Medal of Valor from St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington for their actions the night of the shooting.

Winter Storm Warning for the Twin Cities

A winter storm warning has been issued for most of Minnesota, kare 11 reported.
The warning is in effect through Tuesday morning, and could dump up to 14 inches of snow on the ground, the Star Tribune said.
The snow will not be like the heavy snow the Twin Cities saw over Christmas, but a persistent, light snow will fall over several days.
The Douglas County Sheriff's Office reported that snow began falling at 8 am on Sunday.

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