President Karzai Contemplates Draft

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan told a summit of world leaders in Germany that he may introduce a draft in order to build an army and police force of 300,000 by 2012, the BBC reported.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the resown for the draft would be so Afghanistan may fully undertake the responsibilities of the war against the Taliban within five years.
Karzai said that several communities leaders are supportive of the draft idea.
The comments were made amid disapproval from Western leaders of the Afghan forces; they think it may take up to a decade before the Afghans are ready to assume responsibility on their own.
Their worries were made clearer on Sunday when the deputy police chief of a central Afghan province was arrested for aiding insurgents in placing roadside bombs aimed at coalition troops.
This is not the first time the idea of a draft in Afghanistan has been suggested, as a draft was used in that country until 1992, the BBC reported.

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