Team Canada Apologizes for On-Ice Celebration

The Canadian women's hockey team started a fire of controversy Thursday night after winning the gold medal by taking their celebration onto the ice. After the arena cleared out the women returned to the ice to smoke cigars, and drink champagne and beer.
The New York Times said that the team was apparently unaware that there was a photographer from the Associated Press still around to photograph the festivities.
Review St. Louis said that the Associated Press reached the head of the International Olympic Committee for comment, in which he stated that, "It is not what we want to see. I don't think it's a good promotion of sport values. If they celebrate in the changing room, that's one thing, but not in public." The IOC also stated that they were going to investigate celebration.
Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the celebration were photos released of Canadian star Marie-Philip Poulin, 18, drinking under-age (the legal drinking age in Canada is 19). Other photos included players pouring champagne into each others mouths, and even trying to drive the Zamboni around.
Late Thursday, the team issued a formal apology, stating they were sorry if their celebrations offended anyone and that they were caught up in the heat of the moment, the New York Times said. After the formal apology, it seems that the IOC dropped the investigation, Review St. Louis said.

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