Teen Stabbed in Rosedale Center Fight

A 16-year old was stabbed and is now in critical condition after a fight broke out inside of the Rosedale Center mall Saturday night, Kare 11 said.
The Roseville police said that they received a call around 8 pm Saturday night reporting 12 youths fighting inside the mall, using chairs as weapons. By the time police arrived, there were at least 20 youths engaged in the fight, Kare 11 said.
The Star Tribune said that upon arrival, police found an 18-year old with severe lacerations to his face, and later discovered the stabbing victim. The stabbing victim was able to identify his attacker before being taken to the hospital, and police later arrested a 17-year old man from St. Paul.
Kare 11 said that police have no released the names of the victims or the man who was arrested, nor do they know if the attacks were motivated or committed at random.

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