Tiger Woods Press Conference

I actually watched this entire press conference before reading the news story written about it so I assume that would count as, "getting the press release." The news report that I chose to analyze is a story done by MTV news, who obtained remarks from a PR professional for their own analysis. I think for the purposes of this story, the reporter had the advantage of assuming that many people had already watched the press conference, and so it was was interesting to me that the story revolved almost entirely around whether or not the PR professional thought that Tiger "did the right things" at the press conference.
The story spend a very brief amount of time on the things Tiger actually said, and it was very compressed. There was a short paragraph that said, first apologized, addressed the most pressing questions, acknowledged his affairs, and had harsh words for the media. For the most part, this is correct, but if you weren't one of those people that watched the press conference, you wouldn't really have any idea of what exactly Tiger said (there were one or maybe two direct quotes). I think in this case, MTV News did a perfectly fine job by just putting an expert opinion on the record and analyzing the things Tiger said and how he said it, because if they are correct in assuming that most people had watched it (which I believe they are) then just writing a hard news story about what was said would not attract many readers.
You can watch the press conference in it's entirety here

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