Woman Accused of Smuggling Endagered Species into the Twin Cities Can't Figure Out if She is Guilty or Not.

Seng Her, a native of Laos, reluctantly plead guilty to smuggling protected wildlife into the United States on Thursday, the Star Tribune said.
This is not the first time that Her has been accused of bringing endangered wildlife into the country. She admitted to smuggling in the protected animals in November 2005, and November 2007. Her, says she uses the animal parts, including elephant hides, exotic birds, and buffalo bile, for medicinal purposes, as a part of her cultural traditions.
Fox 9 said that six months earlier, Her had been sent a letter from Fish and Wildlife Officials warning her that she would be prosecuted is she attempted to smuggle animals into the United States in the future.
The Star Tribune reported that Her admitted she was "legally" guilty of the crime, however, she does not necessarily believe it was wrong.



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